12 ways to earn extra income during holidays.

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12 ways to earn extra income during holidays.


World economy is fragile, especially when it start to drop rapidly, and it’s hard to call someone for help in that kind of situation, but have you ever thought about ways that you could earn extra pocket money? And you don’t have to worry about it effecting your job because you can do these in your free time whatever it will be holidays or weekend.

Here we listed 12 way to earn extra income during holidays that you can do


  • Baby Sitter

  • In the society we live in, parents are getting busier and busier every day, either with their job or their children, so there’s only a few moments left for couples to spend some time together without having their children around, this is where you came in and do the work for them, so they can go out and express their love together, it’s a plus for someone who adores children too!!
  • Tutor

  • Today, a tutor has become one of the most important part of high school students, it’s a great career option to race their way to the university they want, if you are confident in your academic skills be in art, language, history, mathematics and goes on and on, this is a great chance for you to put your skills that you learned to use.
  • Freelance Writer

  • Thanks to the world of internet, writing is not something that live and die with books anymore now it’s also live in online media. The bigger it gets the more content and competition, freelance writer have become more popular because of this reason and it’s something that you don’t have to invest much money in, just create a great content or idea and you’re good to go!

  • Handmade Clothes

  • If you have skills in making and creating a handmade stuff like clothes, shoes, accessory or even clean food, and it’s something unique and different from most of the stuff on the market, it definitely can earn you a lot of money depending on your skills. The more creativity you have the more successful you can become, maybe one day your handmade products will become one of the most successful brand in the market, who knows?
  • Event Photographer

  • Event photographer is something that is quite popular in Thailand especially in an important event like graduation or marriage. Still photos, videos and Photoshop skills will get you far in this job and the good news is, the more experience you have the more successful you will become.
  • Logo Designer

  • Branding is one of the most important part of successful in company today, making a good logo that people will remember in a good way is important as well, creativity is the name of the game here but if you manage to do it well as a Logo Designer then you will go long way.
  • Musician and Singer

  • See everything in music? Think you’re pretty good musician or singer? Then why not try to do something cool about it? Like singing chorus in church or playing guitar in a bar, it’s a nice way to express your love to the world of music and also earn some extra income at the same time too.
  • Swimming Teacher

  • If you’re a pretty good swimmer there’s a way to earn extra income and that’s teaching kids to swim, parents love to have their children learn about swimming not only because it’s healthy but it’s can be used and a survival skills too, swimming teacher is also earn a pretty good income.
  • Hair and Makeup Artist

  • Hair and makeup artist can turn mediocre woman or men into a top superstar model in an instant and that’s a skills that you should not be underestimate, hair and makeup artist is not only important in everyday life but also in specific industry like television, modeling and films. If you confident in your skills then this is one job you should try.

  • Bakery

Only a few people really know how to make a delicious and standout cupcakes, Bakery is a skill that’s definitely unique and something that you should take advantage of it for sure.


  • Selling Pre-owned Clothes

  • Have a few clothes, shoes or handbags that you’re not using anymore? Why not try selling it then? It will not only make more space in your room but can turn into a new purchase as well.
  • Blogger

  • Blogger is something that you don’t have to invest much to it but if you doing it well and doing it right it can go pretty well, it can start with just a blog or a Facebook page, love to review and share your thoughts on products like cosmetics, food or movies? Have abilities to create a nice comics or gags? These are only a few potential to what you can do as blogger.These are only a few ways to earn extra income during holidays or weekends, which way will you choose to do? Are there any other cool ways to earn extra income during holidays? Let us know in the comments 😀

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