6 Steps to balance your work-life

posted: 2 years ago
6 Steps to balance your work-life


How could one tell if a person is workaholic? It’s simple, he/she will definitely love this article. “Stressful” is the most common word used nowadays, that’s why everyone craves for “me” time. These following tips will come handy in any situation as the trick is quite simple and understandable, “let it go” like Elsa did in that movie and that’s it, but it’s very hard for workaholic people. It’s complicated for a lot of people to leave their job and go even for a while, but with correct attitude, he/she will learn to balance eventually.

6 steps mantra:

  1. Study your schedule
  2. Change your timetable
  3. Appreciate the changes
  4. Add something fresh to your life
  5. Learn how to let it go
  6. Practice daily
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First of all, study your own schedule.

As simple as it sounds, a lot of people take it for granted and misjudge the big picture. You have to study it, dig it through. What are you doing on specific time of each day, and if you can’t specify the events that happen, then check how much time you spend solely on your work. Do it weekly, monthly or even daily if you can really rush it. Now you see the big picture? What you think? Is it enough for you? Adding more or minus some would be more beneficial?


Then you change your timetable.

Here’s the hard part, it’s different to change everything to make it easier for yourself. So weigh the tasks, what kind of benefits you are getting from each task? Financial, love life, personal space or even socialize. You have to cut something out to balance everything, but you’ll definitely got something back from tidier and balance life.


And don’t rush it, take your minimum doses.

Do not stress yourself further, go with the comfortable speed, you don’t have to change everything all at once. If you going too hard on yourself again, it’ll make your life even harder than it used to be. And always appreciate those special time you have, do not judge it right away. You might lose some money for an extra hour of sleep but it will be worth it.

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Learn some sports, add exercise to your life.

These things might sound overvalued, you heard it for a billion time, why is this such a pushy thing? I can explain you scientifically, but i won’t (If you want to learn about it, just go here). I could tell you that you’ll definitely felt better about yourself, minus those sore and muscle cramp. Try something new, as wild as your heart desire. Some might be tough activities, some are too mild for your taste, jogging, rope-jumping, hit the gym or even yoga.


Going easy on yourself, everything can’t be perfect.

I, myself, personally know that it’s hard to drop down some strictness within yourself. You’ll find that you choose the wrong thing for yourself, maybe this video games isn’t worth the money you already lost and maybe football with those lame people actually troubles you more? Don’t misjudge yourself as a failure, or even picking the wrong answer, everybody did this, it’s called living. Perfection is overrated, balanced life is the one worth living for.


Now find your off switch, and press it.

In the end you’ll know what to value and what to let it go, sometime the real problems aren’t even about too much works or personal space, sometime it’s all in your head due to stress and fatigue. To turn yourself off doesn’t mean that you need to stop everything, we are not computer or some devices. It means relax, let it go and go do what you like to do. For some, working is everything they like, passionate and full of ambitions never hurt, just kidding though, it will hurt.

It’s not always about money and success, happiness though might sound rich, but it is hollow without other values in life (failure and sadness included). Life might be harsh, and balancing it is harder, though living with the things that you love and compromise with isn’t so bad. I’ll leave you with a quote from “Dead Poets Society (1989)”, portrayed by the late great Robin Williams.


“The human race is filled with passion & medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for”


by Smallville

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