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Citibank – apply online | askHanuman




Best foreign commercial bank

Citibank celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2012, and is considered as the leading financial institution in the world. Worldwide it has over 200 million customers spread across 160 countries, thus making Citibank a truly global company. In Thailand, Citibank has been present now for over 40 years, and prestigiously been awarded with the “Best Foreign Commercial Bank” by Finance Asia magazine, one of Asia’s leading finance magazines, for 10 consecutive years. In Thailand they have already established 46 branches, with 3,000 employees making sure the clients receive excellent customer service. Combining a great customer service with the company’s global reach, Citibank is managed to become a strong player in Thailand’s credit card market.

16 million credit cards

Credit card products and services are at the core of Citibank’s business, and has resulted in top-tier market shares across Asia. In the Asia-Pacific region alone, Citibank has more than 16 million credit cards on the market, serving millions of consumer’s everyday transactions. Citibank has focused on the affluent segment, however over the last few years it has seen an increasing share of youth clients opening up credit card accounts. Citibank’s strategy is to target specific areas with high transaction density, meaning locations where consumers are swiping their cards frequently, such as shopping malls and coffee shops.

Great benefits and discounts

Citibank offers its customers a wide range of innovative credit card solutions. With over 10 different credit cards available, the company is able to satisfy various customer segments. The product range includes credit cards from the popular Citibank Cash Back Platinum, to Citibank Select. In addition to the credit card itself, the customers can get everything from great cash rewards, to roadside assistance and even free limousine service. Just to mention a few of the unique benefits, its customers can choose between a broad specter of discounts and offers. Ensogo, Thaiticketmajor, True, Siam Paragon and Shell, are just some of the companies where the credit card customers receive lucrative discounts, as well as special offerings.

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