Credit card abroad – credit card FAQ

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Credit card abroad – credit card FAQ


Why should you bring a credit card abroad?

Credit cards are widely accepted over the world, whereas cash is usually only accepted in one country. Moreover, they are often good for emergency cases or include even a free travel insurance. The downside is that issuer of credit cards usually charge fees for transactions abroad that often vary. However, a fee of two percent is not uncommon. The same applies for cash withdrawal. So always be informed about the costs before using your credit card abroad because after some while they can sum up into a larger amount.

Sometimes banks provide also credit cards that guarantee no cash withdrawal costs or less fees for transactions. Therefore, it makes sense to look out for those offers when you plan to stay abroad for a longer period of time.

Remember to bring locally accepted cash as well as your credit card abroad. Not all countries, nor all vendors accept credit cards. Nevertheless, for large purchases you should always try use your credit card.

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Is it secure to bring a credit card abroad?

It is secure to bring credit cards abroad. In fact, bringing a credit card abroad can provide you with extra safety. If your in urgent need of extra money, i.e. you need to pay for a hospital visit, and you have not received money from your travel insurance yet, a credit card can solve the situation.

Bringing a credit card abroad can also help you spread your money to reduce the risk of thievery and robbing. Instead of brining only one debit card, or only cash, you can hide a credit card in reserve. If the credit card is lost or stolen, you can just call your credit card provider to suspend the card and ask them to send you a new one.

In general, banks also determine a certain limit for money withdrawal within a month for security reasons. You can decide either to keep it or to ask for a higher limit when you know that you are going to have high expenses abroad.

What are new credit card trends?

More and more companies start to offer special prepaid credit cards. Prepaid credit cards have similar features as a normal credit card, the only difference is that it is limited to the amount that has been pre-loaded onto the card. Travel credit cards for example often include discounts on hotels or car rental.

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