Credit card for foreigners – credit card guide

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Credit card for foreigners – credit card guide


Banks issue different credit cards to foreigners

Different banks have different conditions for issuing credit cards to foreigners. The reason for that is based on the experiences that banks made in 1997 when a bank and economic crisis struck Thailand. Many foreigners fled the country and brought their Thai credit card debt with them. Because of this experience and because foreigners are more likely to run away from debt that has spun out of control, Thai banks are careful about issuing credit cards to foreigners. This guide will therefore just try to give a general overview of credit cards.

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A good job that you’ve had for a little while, will stay in for a little while longer

In more detail that means that in order to get a credit card as a foreigner in Thailand you will need a work permit, that is valid for at least six months more. You must have been working in Thailand for at least a year, preferably in the same job, and your income should be at least THB 50 000 per month. On the formal side the bank will probably demand that you can show them statements from the last six months, just to make sure you have a balanced private economy.

To give credit cards to foreigners the banks will often have even stricter conditions than the ones described here.

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Well worth the hassle

If you are a foreigner and want the bank to issue a credit card, it is often worth the hassle to get one. Unlike your credit card from home the Thai credit card do not cost you anything in currency transition, and you can get lots of good offers, cash backs, bonus points etc. So if you are interested in getting a Thai credit card, just compare and apply on The worst thing that will happen is that the bank turns down the application. 

Despite detailed research we can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided.

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