rabbit finance join GTCC “Breakfast talk”

posted: 2 years ago
rabbit finance join GTCC “Breakfast talk”


GTCC or German-Thai chamber of commerce hosted a seminar “Underlining HR Secrets to Success in Today’s Disruptive World” at Mode Sathorn hotel on 2nd March 2017, with Rabbit internet’s board of management participating in it.


Johannes Von Rohr (CEO), Michael Steibl (COO) and Andre Prenzlow (CTO) were in the seminar along sides with GTCC to accomplish on how to manage human resource staffs in a fast pace new generation. As in terms of relationship between rabbit finance and GTCC have a strong cooperation.

GTCC is the best consultant for any entrepreneur who is looking to invest in Thailand. To be in a new market is quite time consuming and tiresome. That’s why cooperation with GTCC will help you set a foundation for your business, abundantly. It’s the same other way round as if you are from Thailand planning to invest In Germany, if you looking for a consultant on how to start a business in Germany, GTCC is the best bet on how to start and make your plans actionable. Whether it’s a market survey, legal information or direct marketing etc. over 50 years of experience in Thailand could help your journey into Southeast Asia.


“Breakfast talk” is an ordinary seminars by GTCC that offers ways to improve your business model, one ways or another. This time it’s about human resource, getting into your employees mind is a difficult tasks, especially when they’re native Thai who can’t speak English very well, younger generations nowadays tend to became more energetic and vibrant, to handle them we need the right person with experience.

GTCC Deputy Executive Director Mr. Marius Mehner opened the event and welcomed Chief Capability Officer of SEAC, Ms. Arinya Talerngsri, who conveyed her experiences and knowledge, by sharing few HR secrets and how to thrive & survive as company in a fast changing and disruptive world.


Ms. Arinya Talerngsri also suggested that there is a crucial skills that is required for a leader on how to attract young professional in Thailand and how important it is to stay enthusiastic in a business world today, especially when start-up business is rising every day.


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