How to earn more than the salary

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How to earn more than the salary


Have you ever asking yourself a question like ‘How can i be successful’, or ‘How can i be rich’? There are many reason why we want to have more money, like when we want to go on vacation to expensive tropical islands, when you want to buy a really expensive car, spacious house or even just to say that you’re rich.


Whatever your reason might be, one more important question still remain: ‘How I’m going to earn more than my basic salary is?’. Well now you can find…

5 ways you can do to earn more than the salary



Use your body (Part-time Job)

Probably the most basic solution, if you want more then you have to work more, look for a part-time job or a job than you can do outside of your regular working time like weekend or holidays.


From assistant teacher, hair stylist, mail carrier to waiter at a restaurant  this are only few example of many part-time job you can do and most of the time it doesn’t require much for you to do – just sign up and ready yourself to work hard.


Use your unique skills (Hobbies)

Got some skills on that camera? Why not try to be a photographer? Doing great on Photoshop? Why not try a graphic designer? Even bloggers can actually earn money today either from writing an advertorial, reviewing product or just straight up – advertising.


One of the benefits of hobbies is, that you can do when you want to because most of the time there’s no one bossing you around like in your main job, but the more you do the higher chance your successful will become so why not to try harder? Even if does not change much but you still learning and getting experience from it.


In some rare cases hobbies can actually not only bring you more money than your main salary, if what you’re doing already what you love to do!!

Use your head (Thoughts and Imagination)

Albert Einstein said once “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and you know what? He’s right! Imagination is something that no one should underestimate because sometimes it’s what makes you different from thousands and thousands of other people. That’s also why some artists, movie directors or game designers are way more successful (and rich) – because their imagination is something unique and hard to copy.


Imagination is also something that can be adapt to many forms, from the story you write in a movie script, planning architecture of the building or how to make your food look nice on the plate. Whatever you do there’s always a room for a bit of imagination.


Use your money (Investment)

Probably that example might bring the highest risk and require a budget but it’s also one which might pay off the most. Investment is something that’s become more and more popular because it’s easier to find information, know-how, others success story and to do an investment itself thanks to the Internet.


Successful investment requires a lot of studying, understanding, experience and of course a money for a start. Learning is the keyword here, either from your own or others success and failure. Never forget about the knowledge, good business relations and friendships which might be helpful on your way to become one of the most successful person in the world.


Use your heart (Doing what you love)

My belief is that when you doing what you love (for example singing, writing or even playing games), you always have a higher chance to become successful, because it’s something that you will put more effort on, sometimes even without realizing it.


In the end it may doesn’t work out but at least you try to do what your hearts tell you to do, not what other people. There are absolutely no regrets there and you can move on to something else and come and try again later.

Starting Point is more important than Finish Point

These are only few ways that you could earn more than the salary. The most important part of all points mentioned before isn’t the way you will choose but when and how you will start. Sure, it may requires from you to do a tons of research or invest some money but one thing that is sure will not be wasted would be the experience.


So don’t be afraid to start working on new ideas, it may be a struggle mediocre or happiness ahead – who knows but if you press that start button now, at the very least you can put that “at least you tried” meme to good use and laugh about it later.


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