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Nam Seng insurance – insure with Nam Seng | askHanuman


Nam Seng insurance

Nam Seng insurance

Nam Seng Insurance company was founded in 1948 with an initial capitalization of THB 400,000 and licensed by the Ministry of Commerce to do non-life insurance business. The first shareholders were following Dr. Pramarn Tangkrat in the head office at Yaowaras. At the beginning the business was limited only to fire insurance, because non-life insurance was not well-known. At first, the company expanded its business line to operate also motor insurance services, which developed into the company’s main business. In 1975 the “Jaroenchaipong” Group invested in the company as a main shareholder. Since then, the company was able to increase its capital several times. In 2011 the company was granted the Outstanding Management Award-honorable mention.

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Nam Seng insurance’s four types of insurances

Nam Seng insurance offers four categories of insurances, basically fire insurance, marine, automobile and transportation insurance as well as miscellaneous insurance. Its customers are individuals, companies, government agencies, state enterprises and financial institutions. The automobile insurances include several type one, two and three insurance products with many coverage options. The company also offers reinsurance services to other insurance companies. It distributes insurance services through sales agents and brokers and direct sales. Nevertheless, the majority of the revenue derives from car insurance premiums.

Nam Seng insurance wants to be the most reliable insurer

Nam Seng insurance aims to be the most reliable and a leading insurance company by gaining the trust of the society for the benefits of stakeholders and sticking to the principle that reliable commitment and fair deals can always be expected from the company. Therefore, Nam Seng’s mission is to make its insurance policies trusted by policyholders and society as well as to offer standards of services and fair claim settlements.

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