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Osotspa insurance – insure with Osotspa | askHanuman


Osotspa insurance

Osotspa insurance

For more than 100 years Osotspa insurance has run its business in Thailand. The company has originally started as a drug producing company and then further developed into a provider for healthcare. In 2012 Osotspa insurance was transferred into a public company and is now principally engaged in the provision of non-life insurances. The company operates under the slogan ‘Osotspa insurance, social stability’. This slogan underlines the fact that the company is not only known for understanding and meeting customers’ needs due to its long market experience, but also for paying attention to moral standards. Osotspa insurance has received an award for an outstanding comprehensive insurance.

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An expert in personal insurance

Osotspa insurance offers an array of highly individual insurance products (e.g. special policies for athletes) to its customers in Thailand. Based on its experience, it is also capable of providing a high standard in services and products. In general, the company’s product portfolio consists of fire insurance, voluntary as well as compulsory car insurance and marine and transportation insurance. The voluntary car insurance comprises three types of insurances that mainly differ regarding comprehensiveness and third party coverage. The compulsory car insurance offered by Osotspa insurance has a total coverage limit of THB 204,000 per person (including for example a limit of THB 50,000 for medical or THB 200,000 for funeral expenses).

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Osotspa insurance’s high customer orientation

Osotspa insurance provides a range of payment methods for premiums. Therefore, the company has also built up partnerships with several banks such as Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok Bank and Thanachart Bank. Osotspa insurance follows an hands-on approach for damage cover and claim services for each product, which clearly shows the company’s orientation towards customers.

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