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posted: 5 years ago
Prevent credit card fraud – credit card guide | askHanuman


Prevent credit card fraud

To reduce the risk of being a victim of credit card fraud there are some easy precautions you should take.

1. Don’t let it be stolen

Obviously, you do not want anyone stealing your credit card. Just treat the credit card with the caution as you do with your cash; do not throw it around and keep in a safe pocket away from pickpockets. If it gets stolen, notify the bank as soon as you notice the card is gone.

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2. Hide your credit card details

You do not want anyone to have your credit card details, because that will make it easier for them to misuse it. This includes that you must be careful with statements, invoices and other documents that has your credit card number written on it.

3. Do not leave blank spaces on receipts

If you get a credit card receipt with blank spaces, fill them out. This is normal at hotels and restaurants where you are invited to give tips. If you do not want to tip, write 0,-. If not, they could easily add a number of their choice there, and draw it from your account.

4. Be careful with giving your credit card number over phone

Just do not give your credit card number to companies you are not sure if they are to be trusted. You can check on the internet for reviews of the company first.

5. Be careful when paying online with your credit card

Do not pay with your credit card on webpages you are not sure if they are to be trusted. You can check the internet for reviews of the webpage first.

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6. Save your receipts

…and compare them with the amount on the statement.

7. Sign your card

Sign your card when you receive it. This can prevent people that get their hands on the card to use it.

8. Alert the issuer if you lose the card or find something fishy

Alert the issuer at once if you have lost or have had the card stolen. Also if there is something wrong with a payment on the statement you should alert the issuer.

prevent credit card fraud

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