Rabbit Finance advising Kerry Express in commercial insurance matters

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Rabbit Finance advising Kerry Express in commercial insurance matters


Rabbit Finance, the largest digital financial marketplace in Thailand, has announced its new partnership with Kerry Express, Thailand’s leading parcel delivery company, to provide corporate commercial insurance coverage plans for their employees.

The subsidiary of the BTS Group provides an online platform for consumers to compare and apply for insurance and personal finance products. In early 2017, Rabbit Finance launched its B2B branch providing services for corporations such as employee health, motor, fleet, director liability and warehouse insurance solutions. The company holds a non-life and life insurance brokerage license issued by the Office of Insurance Commission.

The company is the trusted partner for more than 30 well known insurance companies in Thailand. Beyond acting solely as an insurance broker, Rabbit Finance also operates as an organizer for its customers’ convenience by creating well-designed insurance plans which are aligned with the client’s requirements and budget. Besides that, insurance broker claim experts from Rabbit Finance will identify areas of improvement and provide suggestions for their clients in order to strengthen their business.

Message from Rabbit Finance & Kerry Express

The Managing Director of Rabbit Finance, Michael M. Steibl, said: “We are very honored to serve Kerry Express. We are looking forward to this new partnership and future projects and thank Kerry Express for their trust. Other than being a broker, we also facilitate a well-design insurance plan together with consultation services to contribute maximum benefits to our customers. In the near future we will expand our partnership network even further strengthening our business strategy to assure our current leading position in the market. With our growing network, customers can enjoy even more services and promotions in the future.”

Warawut Natpradith, Deputy General Manager of Kerry Express, said: “Accidents are unpredictable. You never know when or where something can happen. We are happy that we have Rabbit Finance as our trusted partner supporting us in the background. I feel very relieved that all our staff members have a great health insurance coverage now. Besides the employee benefit insurance, Kerry Express appreciates the expertise and advice given by Rabbit Finance in the area of motor and motorbike fleet insurance. We are very satisfied with the service of Rabbit Finance. The insurance plans are of high quality and all associated services and documents were delivered on time”.

For more information about the corporate commercial insurance services of Rabbit Finance, please visit the website (https://rabbitfinance.com/en/business) or schedule an appointment with the Corporate Account Manager Mr. Kasom Sirirangsri under 02-022-1268.

About Rabbit Finance :

Launched in 2016, Rabbit Finance, an affiliate of the BTS Group, grew rapidly and is nowadays the most popular online broker for financial as well as consumer and commercial insurance products in Thailand. With a team of more than 200 experts, the company advises consumers and corporates on insurance and financial matters 24/7. The offered products and services are highly diversified ranging from life, motor, health and travel insurances to credit cards, cash cards and various types of loan products. Through the established network and the collaboration with a high number of well-known financial and insurance partners, we are able to offer the best prices available on the market.

About Kerry Express:

Kerry Express is the leading parcel delivery company in Thailand awarded with “Number One Brand of Thailand 2018” and “Outstanding Organization 2018”. One of Kerry Express’ most well-known services is the guaranteed next day delivery. As of now, the daily amount of delivered packages accounts for up to 1 million packages per day in Thailand.

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