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  • Submit the form here, SBS school will contact you back within 7 days 
  • Fill in the application form and prepare the required documents
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Testing & Interview

  • Sit the entrance exam and interview which focus on a student's language proficiency and academic skills
  • Wait for acceptance confirmation


  • Register and pay all required fees
    Complete and submit parent and student information forms.
  • Get fitted for school uniform.
  • Start classes!

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Beyond the ability to speak two languages, bilingualism increases your child’s ability to reason, focus, and grasp complex problems, making it the ideal mindset for a fast-changing world. With Satit Bilingual School, your child will have no need to fear change. Your child will be the change.

Arthit Ourairat, Ph.D


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“Bilingual kids pick up languages more quickly and easily. My children speak Thai and English fluently and they are also bicultural. Now they’re starting to study Chinese and they’re picking it up effortlessly.

Dr. Thitipong Nandhabiwat, father of Dhubdheb,8

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“I like my homework. You have to do things. It’s fun. I’m a tennis champion, too. I won the Jumroen Cup for Under 8 Years. But I’m only five!”

Patrick Charoantham
, 5