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BAAC or Anti-aging center not treat me unnatural young but treated me as properly young by screening for realize  the cause of disease before being patient by result of blood test . So, I felt better with allergy, pancreas, and fatigue. These treatments without surgery and without using drugs.

Nirut Sirijanya, Actor

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Whenever I have free time, I have always been here for facial treatment to keep my face bright, the secret to younger looking skin.


Win Weerachai, Actor 

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Body scene and blood test she found that she have health problems sleep deprivation about abnormal in urinary system then she change her behavior to avoid disease that relate urinary system.


Kwang Chongmas, Actress

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BAAC Clinic: Bangkok Anti-Aging Center

Like someone said, “Health is wealth.”. This proverb confirms the ideal wish of every human on earth about health. However, the world nowadays is full of pollution in many kinds of disguised in the air, the water, the noise, the odor or etc. So, we need to know how to protect ourselves from them in order that our bodies will be strong from the inside to the outside. It is very necessary because your good health means how good your quality of life will be.


Taking care of yourself from the inside to the outside is the best way to boost your immune system. It can be done in many ways such as an intestine detox, build up blood-vessels stronger, purifies the blood and keep up the liver by “cell rehabilitation” with Botox.


Bangkok Anti-Aging Center (BAAC) is a holistic medical clinic that offers the best treatment for a healthy lover like a family. We give the services about health, health restoration, and beauty that are the new way for the lifestyle of people nowadays.


BAAC clinic certified by the international standard is full of medical knowledge from the team of specialists who have skills and experiences including nurses and officers in order to become BAAC.


Bangkok Anti-Aging Center (BAAC) was established by Mr. Damrongsak Kiewpeng, a businessman who is experienced in the service field for more than 10 years. Mr. Kiewpeng foresees the market opportunity in health business that will be growing well in the future. Also, the worldwide new generation pays attention to health from the inside to the outside. He decided to import the entire knowledge, gather the team of anti-aging specialists and use medical equipment from the USA in order to support the right target group who are interested in good health. 


BAAC clinic treats customer by considering all body system, examines the cause of diseases and problems as well as restores deeply in cell level. The clinic is certified by the international standard. Also, it suits the modern lifestyle of people with the best price and the high-quality medical material in Thailand.

Recently, Mr. Damrongsak Kiewpeng, managing director Anti-Aging Bangkok Company Limited or Bangkok Anti-Aging Center (BAAC), a holistic health clinic for modern lifestyle and healthy lover, was received the awards for Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2018 (APEA) in a health business because of being the visionary CEO and having the outstanding profits in the leading health clinic like BAAC.

BAAC is a modern clinic who provides holistic medicine both in physical and mental therapy focusing on treating the cause of illness rather than the symptoms by Thailand’s leading team of specialists with great experiences and skills.


Meet the latest checking-up innovation with EIS machine at BAAC


The customer who comes to Bangkok Anti-Aging Center (BAAC) will be checked up in bio body scan program which will scan customer's health how your organs normally work by the newest version of EIS machine (SEE-THROUGH New operating system). Also, the machine can distinguish every primary body system thoroughly including 37 organs and 9 systems tested by this program.


1.Cardiovascular system

2.Endocrine system

3.Genitourinary system

4.Neuromuscular system 

5.Respiratory system 

6.Digestive system

7.Nervous system 

8.General metabolism

9.Immune system



4 BAAC’s prominent points which win customers’ hearts


  • Holistic service both in health and beauty. So, the customers will be comfortable with the entire services at once. The center will be separated into three parts: health, anti-aging, and dermatology.


  • Many facilities to reach the customers’ satisfaction the most. The team of specialists will follow the treatment closely.


  • Systematic management because BAAC clinic is acknowledged as an innovative company and an excellent business partner. Then, you can receive a free health consultant at BAAC. 


  • Reachable price comparing to nowadays with the same-level center were market the upper-class customer. Mostly the target group is the new generation and the working people who pay attention to health.



3 complete service branches for you


Bangkok Anti-Aging Center (BAAC) has 3 three branches now as follows:


  • Bangkok Anti Aging Center - BAAC: Sutthisan branch, Soi Pramoolsuk, for more information tel. 02-2772893 / 02-2772894


  • Bangkok Anti Aging Center - BAAC: Bangna branch, for more information tel. 02-0075115/ 02-0075116


  • Bangkok Anti Aging Center - BAAC: Pathumwan Princess Hotel branch 8th floor or Siam, for more information tel. 02-0487032/ 02-0487034



Special promotion for BAAC 


BAAC, Sutthisan branch, gives you the best deal now! If only you register and book an appointment via Rabbit Finance website, you will get a free gift voucher for Anti-Aging Check-Up program pricing at THB 7,500. The program will include the thoroughly whole-body-system analysis with up-to-date medical innovation which will help the specialists evaluate your health quickly and completely.

Anti-Aging Service Program 


BANGKOK ANTI-AGING CENTER offers the holistic treatment, which considers the condition of all body system, examines the cause of diseases and problems as well as restores deeply in cell level. The program is effective certified by international standard with 6 check-up program in order to analyze thoroughly with the modern medical innovation. Here is the program the customer will receive:



  1. Chelation Therapy



The infusion of a mixture of EDTA, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for the body. The main function of EDTA is chelating such as Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Nickel ,Manganese, Aluminum and exceed fat in order to and minimize the deposition of lipid in the endothelial tissue then defecate from the body. This program treatment for;


  • Any people who are interested in good health.
  • People who are risky to actually get heavy metal or chemicals.
  • People who are sleepless, tired and lifeless.
  • People who are risky to have many diseases from heavy metal poisoning such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and myocardial infarction. 
  • People who have unsanitary eating habits.
  • People who have cumulative stress.
  • People who are habitual smokers or alcoholics.


  1. Liver Detoxification


This program increases the efficiency of defecate toxins in the liver moreover, This program can prevent cellular destruction, particularly preventing the hepatic cells from being damaged by oxidative stress, Therefore, this program suitable match for people who smoking, regular drinking, or even those who do not have a balanced diet. This is the main purpose of this program. 


  • Maintain kidney cells and repair them faster.
  • Build body tissue stronger.
  • Decrease fat accumulation in the liver and fat agglomeration in the arterial wall.
  • Detox the dirtiness from feces.
  • Detox pesticide residue in the intestine.
  • Decrease the size of gallstones.


  1. Immune Booster


This program provides vitamin and supplement nutrients into the body in order to restore efficient cells for allergy patients, convalescent patients, and chronic patients. It will reduce the risk of heart disease, heal cancer patients and other diseases that could happen as follows:


  • People who have allergy patients, convalescent patients, and chronic patients.
  • People who are easily risky to have a cold infection, influenza and exhaustion
  • People who have chronic skin rash or urticaria.
  • People who have migraine and paranasal sinuses.


  1. Healthy Combination


This program provides vitamins and minerals to create food recipes for health in order to adjust the balance of the body, reduce stress and fatigue and also increase the brighter skin, immunity as well as hormones. This is the best new choice for healthy people.


  1. Mega Dose 

This program provides vitamin C and necessary nutrients to improve skin tone and elasticity, reducing wrinkles, as well as boosting the immune. Moreover, it will build your skin stronger, slow down the wrinkles before age and fresh you up. Receiving vitamin C in high quantity will give you many benefits as follows:


  • Sterilize and stimulate the immune system better.
  • Decrease chronic fatigue syndrome. 
  • Boost the immune system.
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Replace the lacking nutrient for each meal.
  • Increase antioxidants.


  1. Aura Booster 


This program provides specific nutrients for the rejuvenation of the skin, skin tone improvement, elasticity, reducing wrinkles, as well as boosting the immune system. There are main purposes of this program.


  • Restore health, increase the immune system and get the antioxidants.
  • Improve your skin tone to become brighter, smooth and moist.
  • Decrease mottle and uneven skin. 
  • Stimulate the peeling of epidermis.
  • Vitamin injection would be more effective and obvious than cream applying.