Business Continuity Management

Continuity management is the preparation plans to handle the upcoming troubles or distress situation that might affect your organization.

The larger your company grows, the risks are getting higher as well. Whether its came from financial situation, political, natural disaster etc. These problems might put your works flow on hold, which isn’t something you’d want. The highest goal of business continuity management is to evaluate, planning and understanding every employee organization.

Though business continuity management doesn’t work as a strategic planning. It only work as a precaution plan that kept the company on its feet. That said, continuity management won’t save you from disaster, but minimize the losses and revitalize the business flows as fast as possible.

Business Continuity Management consisted with 6 factor as seen below:

  • Establish continuity management

To create or investing in continuity management, management level such as CEO or director have to involve to ensure the supporting from their peers.

  • Understanding your own organization

After came up with a strategy, the next step is to understand your business such as risk evaluation, analyse and prioritize your products or services.

  • Set up a strategy

You could strategize the most suitable plans for your products and services such as setup a parameter for your business.

  • Comes up with a plan

After you setup a plans, use it and practice for a solution.

  • Test, revise and evaluate

When finishing with the plans, look through your plans how efficient it is? Could it fix the problem, revise and evaluate the best plans in this situation.

  • Implement the plans into your company

When the continuity management are on stable and functional you are reaching the final part, implement the plans into your company culture. To understanding its value.