Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and officers are responsible for the decision that directly affects employees, customers, and creditors. Wrongful decisions or acts often cause financial losses for the company and lawsuits that may leave officers and directors personally liable.

The Director and Officers Liability Insurance will give executives a coverage for liability that affects out of their role as directors or officers of a company. Moreover, it is often crucial to attract and retain good Directors and officers in your company.

Normally, liability insurance is the quotes that offer protection for management levels such as CEO, Director or even the company itself. It will save your cost, reduce the damages that come from a different risk that comes with the professional such as:

  • Financial Stability: market crash, inflation etc.

  • Criminal threat: thievery, criminal acts from the third party such as fraudulence, copyrights etc.

  • Employee: Contract loophole, harassment or breaking a contract.

  • Pressure from the market: unhappy family members from the stakeholder, merging and acquisition etc.

  • Lost of data: computer, phones, laptop, hacking, security breaches etc.

  • Abduction and ransom: personal, family members from top to bottom position in the company.

Liability insurance is most suitable for the large company or huge organization, especially the one that is still growing. These risks came from a various natural cause such as politics, laws, competitor or even social behavior.