Property Insurance

Insurance will helps in case of losses in property, building and assets that are in coverage within the contracts.

In the case of damage or theft the property insurance policy gives a coverage for the property and all its contents of policy holder.

To start a business, big or small there’s a large sum of money involves. To enhance to run your business whether it’s about lands, machine, building and decoration. How could you ensure your business safety? Corporate insurance is a requirement to start a business since you start asking for loan, to ensure the damages and casualties cost in business later on.

Fire / Property insurance for business - This policy covers the casualty cost that happens to your business, building, property from fire damages as seen below:

  • Fire - including damages that came from fire damages such as smog or fire suppression water.
  • Lightning
  • Domestic gas explosion

Other risk in business property - Covers physical damages - For each insured property that came from accidents that weren’t record in the policy such as fire damages.

  • Natural causes - tornadoes, hail, floods, earthquake etc.
  • Other causes - fire, lightning, smog, explosion and accident from vehicles both land and airborne.
  • Various causes - damages that came from internal problem such as broken valuable goods or damaged machinery.

Business interruption insurance - additional policy from fire insurance that covers your loss when you losing an income due to business interruption, protecting entrepreneur financial overall.

Corporate insurance doesn’t meant for corporate or huge organization only, smaller venue or SME business could also protect themselves from these risk.