bangkok traffic.

Today, Thailand is number one of the country who has the worst traffic jam ,especially Bangkok.

From the traffic analyse company INRIX reveal an report after analyse traffic all over the world in 2016 called "Global Traffic Scorecard Report" said that Thailand is the number one on the worst traffic jam and even goes to said that each day Thai people wasted their time about 61 hour per year stuck in traffic jam especially Bangkok people who has traffic problem everyday.

Bangkok is not only a capital city but also the center point of Thailand economy , everyday people travel to Bangkok to make money and this is the reason why Bangkok is so crowded and because a lot of people use car to be their vehicle choice it's also make the traffic jam.

Most of the Bangkok people woke up to met a heavy traffic and traffic jam whenever they go every street is the same situation, that's why so many people choose to woke up very early to go to work better than woke up on a rush our because even on expressway the traffic is still terrible.

The place where there's the most traffic trouble is probably the joint between Bangkok and perimeter because people bought a house from perimeter more and more now days, you can see that in morning the way from the perimeter to Bangkok like Bangna, Pharam 2 or Rangsit is always been the place where the most terrible traffic happen even on expressway.

Traffic problem in Bangkok can be caused by many things such as

  1. The terrible usage of land and the expansion of community
  2. The terrible road network or road system
  3. There's not enough of traveling by public transportation system
  4. Lacks of knowledge information or law about how to use road
  5. Bad Administration Organization

There's also a lot of accident or emergency on the road happen in Bangkok that's another problem that cause a terrible traffic too.

Today there's still no permanent way to solve the traffic trouble in bangkok but we still can reduce it by not driving your car recklessly or suddenly changing lane and help each other by followed the traffic law, by doing this we can reduce the bad traffic to the much better condition.