Don't wait for these 7 symptoms

Always check your cars, don't let these 7 symptoms show.

If you use your cars regularly, try to lookout for these 7 symptoms.

  1. It took long to start your cars - normally it'd only took about 3 second to start your cars.

  2. There's a stain of oil drips - No matter how long you park your cars, the only way there'll be a stain of oil drips, is that your car have a problem.

  3. You engine sounds weird - If you're familiar with your car, you'll notices the different noise.

  4. White smoke - if there's a white smoke coming out from your pipelines.

  5. It drive way more mellower - You'll be able to feel it, try look for you tires.

  6. Sharpness when brake - If there's a screech sounds coming out, check your brake.

  7. Harder to accelerate - Again, something is wrong with your engine. My best guess is either your motors or your air filters.