How to buy Used Car

Buying a second hand car: second hand car means the car which has already been used the cost of that car will be reduced or cheaper than the brand new one.

second hand car means the car which has been used for a while or for a moment it maybe 5 years or two weeks it's still called as 'Second hand car' when talking about buying a second hand car, many people will talk about a tent in Thailand which sales second hand car or buy straight from previous owner.

This is the reason why second hand car is also called "home car" if that car has been on sale by the previous owner, you may already know that buying a second hand car from tent usually result in you getting scammed because most of the car from tent is buying from somewhere cheap and clean it to make it look nice and clean, that's why buying a home car from the owner directly is so much better, but whatever you buy a second hand car from tent or home car there will be a good and bad differently so it's depends on your satisfaction.

"But how can i choose second hand car" you may ask: choosing your favorite is not the most important question but you have to choose and be sure what type of second hand car you looking for. Set a budget for yourself but don't treat it as the most important part since it will not get you a car you really want. Buying a second hand car is more difficult than the brand new car because worthiness is the heart here since your want to regret your decision later, so don't forget to compare prices on a different price or place.

Good things about buying a second hand car directly from the owner is you will get a pretty nice condition care since the owner probably take care of it pretty well, you might be even more lucky if the owner is a car lover because the price they offer will probably be better for you and low chance of getting scam.

But the bad things about buying a car from owner is you got what you see since the owner probably not going to fix or paint a new color on it, so you have to fix it by yourself.

While in the tent department the good thing about it is you don't have to pay full price, you can pay by installments since most of the tent is already partnered with bank already just write some information and sign the paper then it's all done, also most of the cars sale in tent is already painted so it's ready to use.

The problem part of buying second hand car from tent is that the price usually higher than buying straight from owner and if you have a bad luck by choosing wrong tent you will get a second hand car which has been painted to look good but the part inside is damaged or fake the mile or how long this car has been used.

Another important part when buying a second hand car is to always check the middle price which you can find at Department of Land Transport at the very least you should know the middle price if you are about to buy a second hand car because whatever you buying from tent or previous owner they will most likely do everything they can to sale in as highest price as possible .