Road accidents, and how to handle them.

It's good to prepare yourself for unexpected situations, here's some of that.

Road accidents can cause a panic attack, or at least a clouds of judgement.

Therefore, here's the way to handle the situation when accident happen.

First of all, looks around for injured person, your passenger, yourself, the other parties cars and any pedestrian. If there's any injury person, they are your first priorities.

If we got past that, i'll split the cases into 2 scenarios as

  • Crash with other parties, be calm and stay cool. Clouded mind will cloud your judgement, then look at your surrounding. If it didn't look safe, stay inside your car and call your insurance, in case of criminal acts. Do not move your vehicle until the other parties admit that they were at fault, or you really thought you are.
  • Crash with no parties, another 2 minor subject here. Hit and run, try to find that vehicle license and proof, such as camera footage. You hit with inanimate objects, such as doors or trees. Call your insurance company.