‘Sabotage’ is a malevolent actions to hinder the implementation of trade and services normally, or defer the communication; such actions must not be an act of the insured.

The Word ‘Sabotage’ is something that i believe many people heard before as a child, but still not clear of what the true meaning of this act is, why they did what they did, what did they gain for doing something like that, let's try thinking question that we have in mind to find the true answer of this story.

'Sabotage' if explain it in simple way it's mean to ambush to attack which cause a loss either in opponent asset or morale. Whatever the enemy group or which group that doesn't satisfied and want to do terrible things to people, mostly in property damage either in residence or important places to make a chaos and damages as much as possible.

In truth, it's something that totally wrong and something that no one should not do because the result or damage it costs is just doesn't worth the thought of revenge or to destroy the opponent this way.

You can see that around the way there's so many sabotage going on, especially in country where there's not much peace left or country which seems to be a developed country but there's still many sign of creating a terrible situation, Still the objective of sabotage in this way are varies as said above, some want to completely destroy their opponent, But whatever the reason maybe it's still wrong and completely unforgiving act. Some people even sacrifice themselves to do a car bomb and doesn't even care about people they left behind, in this cases even buying a insurance won't do much.

Some car got damage but even if you bought a car insurance you still have to see if you're protected in this kind of situation or not, that's a proof of why sabotage brings nothing but loss and damaged, there will be nothing good for this type of action, it's something that nobody in the world can endure and there will be no body accepted this kind of act for sure.