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Scope of service
(1) 24 hour call access to free technical advice in the event of an accident or breakdown.
(2) Emergency Roadside Service 1 time per year without limitation of distance
(3) Towing service 1 time per year up to a distance of 25 km. to any destination apply for each service. A Charge of 30 Bath /km is applicable for distances beyond this and charges for any additional Kilometers are the member’s responsibility
(4) Free of charge, up to 5 litres of fuel in the event that the customer’s vehicle runs out of fuel (cannot drive). This service is to enable the customer to reach the nearest Service Station. Customers can only use this service once per year, on subsequent occasions within the same year, the cost of fuel will be the customer’s responsibility.
(5) “Mistakenly Locked” vehicles 1 time a year – If a spare key is located within 20 kms radius, then the attending technician will arrange for the collection and delivery of the key to the breakdown location. For distances beyond 20 kms, a charge of 25 Baht per km will apply. Alternatively, a locksmith service may be arranged at the customer’s expenses if required. If unsuccessful, the cost of a locksmith’s services is not covered under the assistance program.
(6) Replacement Vehicle: In the event that the customer’s vehicle is towed away from the breakdown, the Customer Service Centre shall offer and arrange for the delivery of a rental vehicle to the customer, should they require one. The customer shall be responsible for the cost of rental and in satisfying any requirements from the car rental company.
"(7) Emergency Medical Assistance (in the event of a car accident in Thailand)
· Evacuation / repatriation to a suitable medical facility nearest to the customer’s usualplace of residence in Thailand
· Evacuation to the nearest suitable hospital, in the event that the customer is hospitalized in a facility that is not capable of providing the appropriate level of care
(To be determined by Allianz Partners doctor in consultation with the treating Physician)
· Repatriation of the customer’s immediate family in the event that the customer is involved in a medical evacuation / repatriation
· Repatriation of mortal remains to the customer’s usual place of residence within Thailand
Remark: Expenses in relation to evacuation and repatriation are limited to a maximum amount of THB 250,000 per event with limit 7 persons per event and coverage within Thailand only
Terms and Conditions
(1) We reserve the right to offer only car which age is not over 15-year-old.
(2) We reserve the right to offer only customer who purchase type 1 and 2+ and OIC Code 110 and 210.
(3) We reserve the right to offer only individual car (sedan, pick up, van). We will not response for commercial cars.
(4) All vehicles must be properly licensed to be eligible for service.
(5) Any problem resulting from an accident and natural disaster is not covered under Emergency Roadside Service.
(6) The customer’s vehicle’s disablement must have been occurred on a public thoroughfare, street, highway, road, public or private parking lot. Service on logging roads, beaches, barricaded or construction areas, racing tracks and restricted service roads is not covered under Emergency Roadside Service.
(7) Coverage will be provided for vehicles that have become immobilized. Costs for any spare parts are not covered under Emergency Roadside Service.
(8) Service will be provided except when it is too dangerous for the service vehicle to operate because of prevailing weather or road conditions.
(9) The cost for the use of more than two service persons or vehicles is not covered under Emergency Roadside Service.
(10) Towing service is provided to eligible vehicles that cannot be started or driven safely under the vehicles’ own power.
(11) Towing services may be requested as often as required. All towing contractors will honor the Roadside Assistance program’s standard towing charges throughout Thailand.
(12) Additional charges for the towing of vehicles, which have been altered to the extent that they require special procedures and/or equipment beyond that normally required for the towing of an unaltered vehicle, are the responsibility of the customer
(13) Ferry, bridge, or toll road charges for the customer’s vehicle are the responsibility of the customer.
(14) We will not be responsible for any cost arising from damage to any goods or commercial goods carried on the vehicle. Member has to transfer the good carried on the vehicle prior to get the assistance service.
(15) We will not be responsible for any assistance services or expenses occurring while the vehicle is towing or carrying more weight/persons than for which it is designed as stated in the manufacturer’s specifications or arising as a consequence of the vehicle being used in motor competition or racing of any kind.




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  • Golf Course Referral and Reservation
  • Hotel and Restaurant Referral and Reservation
  • Tickets Referral and Reservation
  • Flower and Gift Sourcing & Delivery
  • Car Rental and Limousine Service Referral and Reservation
  • Airline and Transportation Ticket Referral and Reservation
  • RABBIT will be responsible only for the costs of research and/or coordination.
  • The following charges will be the responsibility of the Member such as but not limited to :
    • Costs of goods/services purchased.
    • Any deposit paid.
    • Costs of cancellation.
    • Delivery/shipping costs including insurance cost.
    • Costs incurred in transferring funds to fulfill a request.
  • RABBIT will not locate goods requested for large-scale commercial to the Member. RABBIT will not locate items that are prohibited under the national law or which contravene universally accepted moral or ethical standards.
  • All Concierge and Lifestyle Services are excluded any request involving the use of illegal channels, requests deemed as immoral or unethical (e.g. invasion of privacy) or request which contravene the national laws in force.
  • RABBIT reserves the right to offer only to customers who purchase Typ1 and 2+ car insurance.
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