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Best Price Guarantee

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Easy Monthly Installments

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Lexus NX 300h, Type 2+


The staff were very friendly and responsive. The policy arrived within a few weeks. It was extremely fast and super cheap compared to other brokers.


7,799 ฿ Save 623 ฿

Actual amount 7,175 ฿

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Lexus ES 300h, Type 1


Very convenient. Saved me a lot of time and money. The price is better than anywhere else on the internet.


21,824 ฿ Save 1,745 ฿

Actual amount 20,078 ฿

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Thong Chai

Lexus CT 200h, Type 3+


It doesn't matter if I use my car in connection with work or family, due to Rabbit Finance I am fully covered on every trip. It is a nice feeling to not worry about anything!



6,500 ฿ Save 520 ฿

Actual amount 5,980 ฿

Because the insurance business is abundant. Consumers have the option of choosing to buy insurance. So rabbit finance is offering one of the best insurance options is Mittare insurance.


About Mittare Insurance


Mittare insurance was born with a registered capital of 10 million. The first phase, which has just opened fire and marine insurance and beverage. Before the expansion Insurance fully integrated at a later time.


And with the vision of Mittare Insurance company, we are committed to providing excellent service to be the number one insurance company in the mind of the customer. The customer is the key of Insurance business.


Filnaly, rabbit finance guarantee that customers will have the best car insurance.



Mittare Insurance has comprehensive insurance cover. As an alternative to rabbit finance customers has gathered all the products for you.



   Mittare Car Insurance 


   Car Insurance type 1

As you know that car insurance type 1 provides the most coverage.  What is the motor insurance type 1 coverage?

  • Type 1 is comprehensive premium coverage.
  • Responsible for damage to life and asset.
  • Coverage against loss of or damage to your vehicle caused by accident, theft, fire, explosion and self-ignition etc.

If you be a good driver, You could be eligible for a 20% or greater discount when renewing the policy if in the preceding year you didn't have any accident or have the accident but faultless. 


   Car Insurance type 2

In general, Type 2 insurance only covers the damages to your vehicle caused by theft and fire and damage to third party in case of accident, while Type 2+ covers damage to your vehicle in case of accident, theft, and fire and also covers third party's injury and property damage


   Car Insurance type 3

Motor insurance type 3 in the coverage for your vehicle in an event of an accident, some insurance company might have a slight difference in their policies or sum insured, therefore, in choosing the most appropriate insurance.


   Other Insurance services by Mittare 

  • Fire insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Marine and Transport Insurance
  • Miscellaneous insurance


Click here, rabbit finance can help you compare car insurance and help you make the right choice.

Car crash, do not panic Stay calm and follow the way that we tell. How to Handle a Car Accident? rabbit finance gathered you here.


   Step Guide for Claim Mittare Car Insurance.


  1. Call the company immediately when the car crash number 1741 or 02-640-7777.

  2. Tell details to inform the insurance broker.

    - Vehicle registration and registered province

    - Policy number

    - Driver's name, car insurance

    - Phone number

    - Date of time

    - Details accident location Or easily visible area

    - Accident characteristics Describe in detail and easy to understand.

    - In case of vehicle collision, the vehicle information should be identified, such as vehicle registration, province, brand, car color or property crash case. Damage to the property such as the appearance of a damaged wall or fence, etc.

  3. Waiting for the scene And follow the instructions of the staff.

  4. Do not agree Or a promise to pay any of the parties before receiving approval from the company.

  5. If you lost a vehicle, immediately notify hotline 1192 as soon as the car disappears.

  6. After the accident, officials survey to determine the damage done. You will keep issue a certificate of damage or contact with the insured or individual victim as evidence.

  7. In case of collision, then split the claim. Customers do not need to wait for staff You can use the collision document and then exchange the claim with the parties.


Finally, It can be seen that the insurance brand provides convenience to customers is important, however, the contact and investigation of the accident promptly. It helps to make a car insurance claim can be easily and quickly too.

History of Mittare Insurance Public Company LimitedThe history of over seven decades of insurance companies by the first Thai people in Thailand after World War II.


Today, Mittare Insurance  stand strong in the position. "Thai friends" and accepted and trusted by Thai customers.


   Vision of Mittare Insurance


"We are committed to excellent service. The company ranked first in customer's mind." Mittare Insurance is committed to customer care and attention. Therefore, the Thai people trust with the insurance partner forever.


You can be assured that Buy a car insurance policy with Mittare insurance, you will receive a value insurance coverage.


In addition to a long history of Mittare Insurance. Mittare Insurance has a leading partner in the business. The broker is the Thailand trust rabbit finance.


Everyone would know, rabbit finance is a subsidiary of BTS Group, 1 of the 50 largest companies in Thailand.


If you are afraid of buying insurance online. The process of buying our insurance is easy. Call us at 02-022-1222 every Monday to Saturday.(8am - 7pm) Please ask me.


When buying insurance through the Insurance rabbit finance you can get a better price than the market standard.


In addition to the customer will be impressed. And the price is right. Customers who bought insurance from the Insurance rabbit finance also received gifts as well.


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