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Best Price Guarantee

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Easy Monthly Installments

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Lexus NX 300h, Type 2+


The staff were very friendly and responsive. The policy arrived within a few weeks. It was extremely fast and super cheap compared to other brokers.


7,799 ฿ Save 623 ฿

Actual amount 7,175 ฿

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Lexus ES 300h, Type 1


Very convenient. Saved me a lot of time and money. The price is better than anywhere else on the internet.


21,824 ฿ Save 1,745 ฿

Actual amount 20,078 ฿

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Thong Chai

Lexus CT 200h, Type 3+


It doesn't matter if I use my car in connection with work or family, due to Rabbit Finance I am fully covered on every trip. It is a nice feeling to not worry about anything!



6,500 ฿ Save 520 ฿

Actual amount 5,980 ฿

Latest financial news

rabbit finance is happy to help you compare car insurance policy from Muangthai Insurance Co. Ltd.. The company was founded in 2008 from the joint venture of many non-life insurance companies. Even Muangthai hasn’t been around for long, it’s a company that receive high trust from the customers and also have over 400 contracted garages ready to serve around Thailand. The company have developed their website and application to be easier to use and can respond to the customers’ demand as effective as possible

rabbit finance is delighted to help you compare policies from Muangthai Insurance with the most effective system and the reliable SSL system that collect data you’ve provided us and save your information from the internet fraud. Moreover, the system has been designed to make your search fast, effective, and easy to use so that you can compare products within seconds. You can compare Muangthai Insurance type 1, 2, 3 and Muangthai Insurance 2+ or 3+.

Muangthai Insurance Type 1 or full comprehensive insurance, covers any damage to your vehicle, and third party’s injury and vehicle in an event of an accident, it offers compensation for all damages, hospitalization and medication costs. Also, any damages to your vehicle in case of fire, theft, or flood are covered. Muangthai Insurance Type 2 Type 2 is quite similar to type 1 insurance, the difference is some additional conditions in the coverage for your vehicle, and it only covers damage that is caused by theft and fire. It still covers injury and property damage to the third party. Muangthai Insurance Type 3 insurance only covers third party’s injury and property damage, it does not cover damages to your vehicle in case of accidents, theft, fire or flood. Type 3 is the cheapest type of insurance, suitable for those who wish to have the basic protection against potential liability. Safe with Us We follow strict guideline in information protection required by Thai law, and would like to assure you that all of your personal information will be kept private and confidential. Our payment gateway is safe and secure under Omise payment service provider.

If you wish to use your car insurance insurance We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your products and services because insurance The items are in a category of insurance, car insurance, you have plenty of options, whether it is.

  • Muangthai Insurance type1
  • Muangthai Insurance type2
  • Muangthai Insurance type3
  • Muangthai Insurance type 2plus
  • Muangthai Insurance type 3plus

The coverage of each type of car insurance will be subject to the conditions that the automobile insurance policy specified. But rest assured that the coverage, you will get a good car insurance premiums that you pay for certain.

Because Car insurance premiums to which we must pay each year, there is no equal. Again, all proposals from various car insurance companies, it depends on many factors. Whether it's the car's age or other factors that affect the value of your car insurance premium.

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