Discounts up to 75%

Declared driver discount

Declared driver discount

Get an additional discount up to 20% by declaring the driver's name and age
No-claim discount

No-claim discount

Get a 50% no-claim discount with an accident-free driving history
DVR Discount

DVR Discount

Benefit from another 5% discount if you use a DVR camera while driving

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Premium repair service

Choose between various garages and official dealers to repair your car
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Free shipment

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No.1 online brokerage

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Comparison service

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Purchase process

Fill-in the required personal and car information
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Payment procedure

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Receive your insurance

After the activation, you can enjoy your coverage


Single payment or installments

Single payment or installments

Pay your insurance in 10 monthly installments or get a 8% discount for a single payment

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24/7 Roadside Assistance

Download the Free Prompt application from the App Store or Play Store to receive 24-hour roadside assistance

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Personal Assistant

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Customer Reviews

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Lexus NX 300h, Type 2+


The staff were very friendly and responsive. The policy arrived within a few weeks. It was extremely fast and super cheap compared to other brokers.


7,799 ฿ Save 1,800 ฿

Actual amount 5,999 ฿

Learn how to reduce car insurance premiums with rabbit finance. Sure, car insurance type 1 all coverage, But with expensive insurance premiums. Choosing motor insurance type 2 is an option for us. If you want to save your money. Please continue reading now!

   How to discount motor insurance premiums?


   1. Good driving has the discount.

  • Well driving 1-year discount 20%
  • Well driving 2 years discount 30%
  • Well driving 3 years discount 40%
  • Well driving more than 4 years discount 50% for next year.

   2. Specify the driver's name

  • For vehicles with the riders, up to 2 people can reduce premiums by up to 20%.
  • 18-24 years old discount 5%
  • 25-35 years old discount 10%
  • 36-50 years old, discount 15%
  •  50 years and over 20%

   3. Set Excess cost

Assume that car insurance type 2 has premiums 11,000 baht if the first payment. When you pay excess cost 2,000 Bath, the premium will be reduced to 9,000 baht. 


Compare simple insurance with rabbit finance with up to 30 insurance partners with just a few clicks. You can get everything they need.

An accident is something that nobody wants to happen. If we all prevent car accidents along the way. This will help reduce injuries and losses.

   Seven Ways to Avoid Car Accidents.

  1. Check tire pressure before driving all the time.
  2. Seat belts at all times And let the child ride the car seat.
  3. Don't drive fast.
  4. Follow traffic laws.
  5. Don't talk on the phone while driving.
  6. Don't drive when drunk.
  7. Always check the car


In addition to auto insurance type 2, then Driving respect a regular manner. Follow the traffic rules strictly. And kindness to each other It can help reduce the accident.

When the accident May causes you to panic. Everyone should know that the accident happened to come up. rabbit finance can identify people 2 types.


  1. Self-consciousness can handle problems promptly.
  2. Helpless because shocked of the accident.


After a car crash, do not panic. What to do when you drive a car crash? We have a way to deal with you. As follows.


  1. Check on All Drivers and Passengers
  2. Call, inform your insurance such as Safety Insurance.
  3. Talk to witnesses 
  4. Do not be impatient now signed Into any document.


However, if you do not have car insurance May have to help themselves But if you have car insurance, car insurance agent life, you will be easier.

When you knew then that I was wrong or right, then it is the duty of the authorities of Insurance Company will repair our car. We can contact the company immediately. After the car crash.


  1. Issuance of an insurance claim. 
  2. Driver's license and a copy of the vehicle registration.
  3. Car insurance policy.
  4. If individual Must submit a power of attorney. And a copy of the authority's ID card. If a legal entity Must have a power of attorney signed two people and a copy of ID card.
  5. Report accident from a policeman.
  6. Documentation accepted by the parties.
  7. Quotations for car repairs.
  8. Other documents related.



Many people use cars to get for a while. And want to change a new car. But in addition to car sales or car care. The driver must know about car insurance.When you have a new car, often used car insurance type 1.


However, when used a car for a long time. You want to change car insurance to type 2 for saving money more than auto insurance type 1.


   Safety Insurance type 2, Is good for you?

Learn together what insurance is for car insurance type 2 coverage.

  1. Damage to life, body happens to outsiders.
  2. Third Party Property Protection.
  3. Car protection, lost or car burn


It is seen that car insurance type 2 if the damage is not covered for car repair. Because there are affordable insurance premiums. If you interest car insurance class 2 or Safety Insurance type 2, Click here rabbit finance will take care of you. 

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