Buy product online in credit card

Online shopping is everything today. Here's 3 simple step for applying your credit cards.

Today, shopping online is a part of Thai people. Many people opt for the convenience and speed. Including promotional discounts that are available to choose from. Including the payment is not easy to save money. Or credit card payment Or a debit card where the payment is easy.

How to buy a product online on the credit card. Check the site's security to order.The transactions via mobile phones or the Internet, the risk of data theft is very high. We can easily observe the security of the site by looking at the URL of the link that appears as a green key and the word Secure, which, if any, can be relieved that this is the correct web site.

When you press the order from the website. What is to be found in the payment process is the filling in and details of our credit card. To fill out as much information as necessary to credit card numbers, such as CCV. After ordering, keep all your information and proof of purchase until we receive the item.