Credit Cards fee

The credit card has a lot of fees you have to take care of, be careful you might be lost too many money due to lack of information.

After opening a credit card already. What we need is a driver card fee. What is Credit Cards fee? Get to know credit card fees. The fee for the card have 2 cases each of which will have different fees is as follows.

Pay by the time

  • Entrance fee and annual fee. Which probably comes to compliance with the conditions set by the bank itself each year.
  • Other fees. Fees from card usage fee are 5-25 baht/time, or if the card is lost. Damaged cards may be subject to a new card issuing fee of 100 - 500 cards, depending on the bank you use.
  • The risk and cost of converting other currencies. About 2 - 2.5% depending on the bank of the user.

We can study the information on the websites of financial institutions.