Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University bilingual school rangsit satit bilingual school สาธิต รังสิต เชียงใหม่ โรงเรียน สาธิต รังสิต international school rangsit โรงเรียน สองภาษา รังสิต

Campuses of Satit School of Rangsit University

          Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University Introduction


Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University is an educational institute under the supervision of Dr. Apirom Urairat, an educational institution that provides teaching and learning services. At the kindergarten, elementary and secondary levels It focuses on holistic learning and language acquisition. Along with learning about various cultures Which is necessary for life in the future Able to bring knowledge courses to further the professional practice both in the country and abroad.


With modern classrooms, There are complete equipment and tools to support learning. Along with a group of teachers with expertise in the field Able to transfer knowledge effectively Focus on academics With a focus on sports and science To support all interests of the learners The Pathumthani International School, Satit School of Rangsit University, is an educational institution recognized as one of the leading educational institutions in Thailand. That can promote learners to have knowledge and ability in the subject area, knowledge, and communication skills in two languages. Guarantee that all students will receive the very best. To promote and expand the future with quality If any parent is looking for an inter-school in Rangsit area To send their children to study This international school is considered to be the answer in many areas.




Point of studying at Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University Is to create and maintain the curiosity of Love learning for life From kindergarten Up to the school and university level.


            School environment


Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University (SBS) is a bilingual school in Rangsit area. That provides an environment that cares about students. To feel safe and friendly Try to encourage thinking out of the edge in all courses. To learn through experiments doing more than just memorizing information.


            Take care as family


The SBS care system provides students with family care. We are committed to nurturing learners' responsibility. Have fun in life Along with the balance of learning As if the student is one of the family members.


            Promote diversity


Because our world is diverse, Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University Therefore, we teach our students to understand and accept diversity. At the same time, the school is constantly being developed to keep up with the times.


            Full bilingual learning


We will help students to truly learn to use foreign languages. Develop bilingual communication skills And increase the opportunities for further learning of students in the future.


            Quality course


Teaching and learning courses at each level of Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University Comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Thailand At the same time it is taught in the Cambridge curriculum. From junior high school, including IGCSE and AS-Level, the course at each stage.

It will help develop students' knowledge and ability to enter national and international universities. Is one of the international schools in Pathumthani That is considered standard And believes in the quality of education.

          Atmosphere suitable for learning of Students


In addition to academic quality, Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University also cares about other factors that may affect students' learning. To enhance the preparation of learners for their studies in an international school such as the school environment. It plays a huge part in enhancing the development of students.


The Ministry of Education (2539) has discussed the setting of an atmosphere conducive to good learning. Both general educational institutions and international schools are



            A place for study


In the school, such as school buildings, classrooms, bathrooms, school corridors, etc., must consider the shady, beautiful, simplicity, and nature. Keep clean And use comfortable materials for safety Reduce the risk of accidents.



            Classroom atmosphere


Organize the classroom to have a new atmosphere. Suitable for conducting activities in each course And can be adjusted as appropriate To enhance learning efficiency And increase interaction between students and teachers.


Also, the placement of media - teaching equipment. Should be arranged in order Not taking up too much space in the classroom And learning materials should allow students to try and touch and learn to stimulate analytical thinking, experiment, and problem-solving during real practice.


The instructor should study the needs of learners how they want to develop their skills. Along with considering the curriculum, subject content To choose to use educational materials with consistent content Or choose to use natural sources as a means of learning, it will be more effective. If it is a bilingual school Should prepare materials for teaching and learning in both languages So that the learner can fully learn Bilingual.





Professors and Teachers are very important to student learning. Especially teachers If the teacher looks beaming Easy to approach It will make a good atmosphere to the classroom. Students study with peace of mind. Dare to ask questions and express their opinions, so the personality and methods of controlling the emotions of the teachers are important factors in creating a good atmosphere and environment. Suitable for learning as well.