What does the policy cover?

What does the policy cover?

Medical and dental expenses 
according to your desired coverage.

When is the policy effective?

When is the policy effective?

You’re covered as soon as the policy is fully paid and the insurer accepted your application 

Where does the policy cover?

Where does the policy cover?

We provide you worldwide coverage

Application process

Online lead form

Online lead form

Click the apply button and fill in the required personal information
Personal Consultation

Personal Consultation

You will receive a personal consultation from one of our insurance experts
Customize your plan

Customize your plan

Choose and buy the insurance options that suit to your needs
Receive your insurance

Receive your insurance

We will ship your physical policy to the desired shipping address

Additional benefits

Why rabbit finance?

Premium partners

Premium partners

We work together with internationally leading and rewarded health insurers
Trusted OIC Broker

Trusted OIC Broker

We are a registered brokerage with life and non-life license. Member of the BTS Group
Exclusive rabbit finance benefits

Exclusive rabbit finance benefits

Receive exclusive insurance deals, only offered to rabbit finance customers

Customer Reviews

reviewer photo

John Smith

Pacific Cross health insurance, Bangkok


I bought expat health insurance with rabbit finance one week after I started my new job in Bangkok. That was certainly the right decision. I had three claims in the last two months because of a motorcycle accident. The service team of Pacific Cross took care of all the paperwork. Therefore I was able to concentrate on my recovery. 

reviewer photo

Igor Nazarov

AXA expat health insurance, Bangkok


I have had only great experiences with my internaltional health insurance of AXA. The staff is very helpful, friendly and polite. The treatment in a private hospitaI in Bangkok was absolutely satisfying. I am sure I would recommend this policy to my friends. 

rabbit finance is dedicated to providing international medical insurance for those living and working abroad as expats, travelers or volunteers.


This type of insurance aims to provide you with similar, and often more extensive cover and support than you may have been used to accessing a state healthcare system in your home country.


As an independent insurance broker, rabbit finance is the best place to buy the right global healthcare coverage at the right price to complement your lifestyle overseas. We have sales agreements with all major insurers in the market. Because of this, we can sell you international health insurance plans independently with the cheapest price. You will certainly receive the coverage that fit your needs


Our focus is to deliver a carefree health insurance. That is why our International health insurance partners are successful, trusted and have excellent customer services that can help you in every emergency situation when and wherever you are.


In the following boxes, rabbit finance provides you general information about our well-known insurance partners. In addition, you can see an overview of their different insurance plans and options.


If you want to get more information or your specific premium amounts for one of these plans please contact our phone service. You will also receive a free consulting service to help you with the decision for best insurance plan and provider for your needs.

Am I covered for the medical conditions I had before I joined?


In most cases, a expat health insurance will only cover new conditions and treatments that arise after the application of the health insurance. Nevertheless, it is often possible to discuss coverage options for old diseases when they remain symptom-free for many years.



If I move to different countries, can I take my plan with me?


The international health insurance plans of our insurance partners cover you in counties depending on your contract conditions.


For example, in general, you can choose expat health insurance plans including and excluding medical coverage in the US. The reason for this is the extremely high health treatment costs. Not everyone of our customers should pay the surcharge for this country.



Do I have to wait until I have left my home country to buy health insurance?


The answer depends on the insurance conditions. Some of the insurance plans cover you worldwide including medical treatments in your home country. Others cover you only in determined parts of the world. If your coverage starts when you arrive in a foreign country rabbit finance recommend to purchase the insurance bevor the arrival. Keep in mind that you are might be not covered in the foreign country until the purchase date.



How do I submit a claim?


If the medical facility of your choice has no billing contract with your insurer you first need to pay the medical treatment by yourself. After this, you can use the easy and fast claim process of your insurance provider. Depending on your provider you will have different methods to make a claim. The most common methods are via mail, post or telephone. In the documents of your insurance contract, you will find all the necessary contact information. After you made your claim you will get your money back as fast as possible.



How do deductibles work?


Depending on the conditions of your international health insurance plan you can choose the option of a deductible to decrease the amount of your premiums. But how does it effects your expenses in case of a claim? If, for example, you choose a deductible of $250, you'll need to pay the first $250 of a covered claim or covered claims in any period of cover directly to your hospital, clinic or doctor at the time of treatment. If your treatment costs are $500, you'll need to pay $250, and the insurance will pay the remaining $250 of covered costs. It doesn’t matter how high the costs of the treatment is, you will never pay a higher deductible. Moreover, you only need to pay a deductible once during any period of cover irrespective of the number of claims.



Am I covered by dental treatment?


It is not possible to answer this question in general. If you are covered for dental treatments depends on the conditions of your insurance contract. Most of the insurance plans of our partners include a dental coverage. You want to have more information about the coverage conditions of specific treatments please contact our customer service.

About Pacific Cross Insurance



Pacific Cross Insurance is a multi-line insurance company that provides a variety of health, travel and personal accident insurance products.

After being a successful insurer in other Asian countries since 1957 the company started the insurance business Thailand in June 1980 with the name Blue Cross Thailand. Blue Cross was acquired by Bupa health insurance in 1996. In the year 2001 the company re-entered in the Thai insurance market under the name LMG Pacific Healthcare. Finally the company has been re-branded in the year 2014 to its current name Pacific Cross Health Insurance.

With over 45 years of total worldwide experience Pacific Cross Health Insurance gained good reputation as one of the leading and most trusted insurance groups in Thailand.

Today the company contracts various administrative services to third party administrators located in Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Pacific Cross is providing health insurance to over 120,000+ people, representing over 50 nationalities, living in over 40 countries. In 2015 the group provided travel insurance for 3,500,000 travel days for over 500,000+ people.





Nowadays it is possible to cover almost everything with insurances. Because of this, insurances are going to be more confusing with every new coverage option. That is why Pacific Cross insurance only offers easy and understandable insurance plans to provide their customers a choice of affordable insurance solution possible for every budget. Whether if you want a basic coverage or a premium insurance solution for all possible incidents you can choose the coverage that fits to your needs.


Moreover Pacific Cross Insurance offers a 24/7 emergency hotline to help you with all your problems or claims all over the world.


 If you have any questions about the insurance products of Pacific Cross International please contact our customer service under the number:



Personal health insurance plans



Area of coverage


Pacific Health insurance offers different options for the coverage area. In many of the insurance plans it is possible to reduce or increase the amount of countries that are covered. Especially for countries with high medical treatment costs could it be worth it to exclude them from the coverage. You can find more specific information about the coverage conditions in the brochures of the different insurance plans or you can contact our customer service.



Major Medical International Plan


The Mayor International Health Insurance plan is plan designed for a very basic medical coverage. You are able to determine your deductible amount to increase or decrease your insurance premiums. Key features of the insurance plan is for example a free choice of medical experts and medical facilities and a free coverage for recreational sports. For more information you can have look in the Major Medical International brochure or contact the customer service of rabbit finance.



Standard International Plan


The Standard International Health Insurance plan is the perfect insurance solution for everyone who has a small budget but don’t want to miss advantageous insurance options for a flexible coverage plan.

With this plan it is possible to choose a variety of optional insurance options including a treatment area limit to reduce your premiums. Furthermore you can add coverage options like dental, travel and vision coverage to receive a more comprehensive insurance plan. 


In additions you can benefit from a no claim discount. If you remain claim free you will receive a discount up to 20% on your total premium costs.


For more information you can have a look in the official Standard International Plan brochure or contact the customer service of rabbit finance.



Comprehensive International Plan


The Comprehensive International plan is designed for discerning clients who want to have the most excellent medical treatment worldwide and at any time.


This plan includes the most comprehensive international health insurance coverage plan you can purcharse with Pacific Cross Insurance With up to 3.000.000$ maximum insurance benefit you can be sure to be excellent covered in every situation.


Furthermore the insurance package includes a lot of other special benefits such as a no claim discounts up to 20% and comprehensive coverage for a lot of additional treatments. For more information you can have a look in the Comprehensive International Plan brochure or contact the customer service of rabbit finance.



Premier International Plan


This international health insurance solution offers benefits from more expensive coverage plans such as the no claim discount for affordable prices. It is the most customizable coverage plan of Pacific Cross Insurance.


You are able to choose between a variety of benefits and discount options to customize the perfect health insurance plan for your needs. Your maximum coverage amounts are depending on your choice. For more information have a look in the Premier International brochure or contact the customer service of rabbit finance.



Additional Health Insurance plans



Employee Health Insurance


For business customers across Asia Pacific Cross Insurance offers Health Insurance solutions for all needs. With an experience of more than 65 years Pacific Cross Insurance can guarantee you and your company to be 100% satisfied with their insurance service. You will be able to customize flexible Health Insurance plans for all employees that match with your companies financial possibilities.



Insurances for Schools and Universities


Pacific Cross Insurance also offers a variety of Health Insurance options for educational institutions. In additional to employee health insurances for teachers and professors it is possible to receive coverage for school trips, school sporting activities. Furthermore institutions can protect themselves from liability in accidents that occur on private property. For more information about the coverage plans of Pacific Cross Insurance please contact the customer service of rabbit finance.

About AXA Insurance



The AXA PPP international is part of the global insurance company AXA group. It is one of the most sucessful and experienced insurance company in the world with more than 107 million customers. The AXA PPP international Group isself has 40 years of experience with covering people all over the world giving their customers the chance for best medical treatment wherever the are.


AXA International understands all your worries about medical treatmant overseas and can give you the best possible support to remain carefree in every situation. The service staff of AXA International health care are experts in every point of view. Receive the best medical expertise wherever you are and 24 hours per day.


In addition AXA PPP international won a lot of international awards for their service and insurancee quality during the last years. In 2016 Fund and Product honred AXA International with the award for the best international health insurance provider in 2016. 



Personal international health insurance



The standards of healthcare and medical treatments in the world are very different. In a country with a worse health system it is often difficult to provide you the necessary medical treatments for your problems. AXA Insurance assures you to receive the best available medical standart in every country and even more.



International Network


AXA International health insurance provides a wide international network of 11.000 healthcare facilities and medical specialists. No matter where you are in the world, with the personal AXA health insurance coverage AXA Insurance take care to bring you together with the best trained specialists in the world.

Moreover you don't need to worry about financials. Most of your claim costs will be settled directly with the medical facilitie.



Coverage overview


You can decide between four different coverage levels for every budget. All of these coverage levels exist for a worlwide coverage or a worldwide coverage excluding the USA. In addition you can book optional upgrades to customize your insurance plan to your needs.



  Standard Comprehensive Prestige Prestige plus
In-patient treatment x x x x
Out-patient treatment x x x x
Cancer cover x x x x
Pregnancy cover     x x
Chronic cover   x x x
HIV treatment       x
Emergency treatment x x x x
Dental cover x x x x
Optical cover   x x x
Travel cover x x x x
Health check     x x
Disability compensation cover     x x



Every coverage level provides different coverage amounts for every treatment. For more information about specific coverage amounts and premiums for AXA expat health insurance plans please contact our health insurance expat. The number is 0997569019.


All AXA expat health Insurance customers plans including a 24-hour claim hotline to handle all your problems about paying for treatments in foreign countrys and getting the best medical service immediately.



Special benefits for Thai customers


  • The plans offers coverage for pre-existing conditions. (Depending on the plan subscribed.)
  • Access to the biggest direct billing medical provider network in Thailand
  • Important health screening and vaccination
  • 6-months coverage in emergencies outside Thailand
  • Coverage all over Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan and India



Business international health insurance



In addition to the personal international health insurance offers, AXA insurance also provides a business solution for International health insurances.


With less than 150 employees it is possible to decide between a variery of the same four insurance plans like with the personal solution. Differently to the personal health insurances are only the coverage amounts and the insurance costs per person.


With more than 150 employee AXA Insurance will work closely with you to customize the best insurance plan for your company. You will receive special benefits only offered to companys. For example:


  • A dedicated support service
  • A secure online members' area
  • A global network of over 11,000 healthcare facilities
  • A personal case manager
  • Tailored management information reports
  • Access to our membership management online site

About Bupa



Bupa insurance was founded in 1947 with less than 40.000 insurance members. Today Bupa is one of the leading worldwide insurance providers. In the year 1971 Bupa global was founded offer their insurance plans global for travelers, business travelers but also people who are living abroad. In 2016 Bupa had contracts with over 1.2 million medical providers.


Bupa Global has service staff around the world to care for your satisfaction. Currently we operate offices in London and Brighton (UK), Miami (USA), Copenhagen (Denmark), Dubai (UAE, in partnership with OIC), and Hong Kong (China), China (mainland), Singapore, Egypt, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Brazil, Panama, Guatemala and Ecuador.


Since 40 years the intention of the Bupa Global health insurance plans is to protect the wellbeing of their customers during all kinds of circumstances. The team of trustable insurance specialists understand your individuality and will give you a personal service you never experienced before.





A variety of national and international awards show the excellence of Bupa Global’s insurance services.


Since 1999 the company won three Queen’s Award for Enterprise for worldwide insurance success. Moreover Bupa received the Award for the best international private medical insurance provider of the UK the fourth year running and nine times in total.   



International health insurances for individuals



With Bupa international health insurance you are able to get some of the best medical treatment in the world. We have over 40 years of experience in providing the best health insurance service you can imagine. With their worldwide network of 1.2 million providers Bupa insurance enable the treatment of the medical specialists and medical facilities you need. In addition you have the choice and the flexibility about when, where and how you will receive the treatment.



International health insurance for business customers



Nowadays a comprehensive international health insurance is necessary for every global working company. With Bupa Global for business customers your employees will have the open access to the best medical treatment at any time and at every place worldwide. Employees can be sure to regenerate as fast as possible and employers will have the least work loss as possible.


Moreover the international health insurance plans for businesses can help you to make your business more attractive for top talents. A company that cares about their employees will have a lot better recognition.


In addition healthcare systems are different all over the world. Bupa international will help you understand to navigate in every health care system around the world.



Business health insurance products


Bupa International provides four different coverage levels for business customers to match the health insurance budget of every company. A minimum of three employees is necessary to apply for a Bupa international company plan.


The coverage range reaches from a basic insurance coverage in the Company Essential plan includes a basic health insurance coverage up to a Company Gold Superior coverage including a comprehensive coverage for a wide variety of medical needs. The range of annual maximum coverage reaches from 1.000.000 USD or 750.000 EUR up to 10.200.000 USD or 7.500.00 EUR in the premium plan.



Business coverage overview


This is only a basic coverage overview. The plans also decide between more benefits, coverage amounts, and services.


Company Essential Company Classic Company Gold Company Gold Superior
  • inpatient and day-case treatment
  • cancer treatment
  • head and body scans
  • hospice and palliative care
  • rehabilitation
  • transplant services
  • newborn care
  • prosthetic devices
  • local air and road ambulance
  • 28 days emergency cover for the US
  • optional Assistance (evacuation and repatriation) cover
  • optional USA cover
  • outpatient treatment
  • maternity cover (after ten months)
  • wellness tests
  • vaccinations
  • therapists and complementary medicine practitioners
  • inpatient and day-case treatment
  • cancer treatment
  • local air and road ambulance
  • 28 days emergency cover for the USA


  • outpatient treatment (with higher limits than Classic)
  • family doctor treatment
  • prescribed drugs and dressings
  • accident-related dental treatment
  • wellness tests
  • vaccinations
  • maternity
  • inpatient and day-case treatment
  • cancer treatment
  • local air and road ambulance
  • 28 days emergency cover for the USA
  • optional Assistance (evacuation and repatriation) cover
  • optional dental cover
  • optional USA cover
  • unlimited family doctor treatment
  • unlimited prescribed drugs and dressings
  • full health assessments
  • increased vaccination limits
  • out-patient treatment (with higher limits than Gold)
  • accident-related dental treatment
  • maternity cover (with higher limits than Gold)
  • in-patient and day-case treatment
  • cancer treatment
  • local air and road ambulance
  • 28 days emergency cover for the USA
  • optional Assistance (evacuation and repatriation) cover
  • optional dental cover
  • optional USA cover


About Allianz Worldwide



The Allianz Worldwide care is a subsidiary company of the Allianz Group. The Allianz Group is a global financial services provider founded 1890 in Berlin, Germany. Over 86 million retail and corporate clients in more than 70 countries rely on their knowledge and financial strenght. In fiscal year 2016 over 140,000 employees worldwide achieved total revenues of 122.4 billion euros and an operating profit of 10.8 billion euros. Today the mother company Allianz Group is headquartered in Munich, Germany.


Allianz Worlwide Care’s focus is to give every customer the best international health insurance protection with innovative and understandable solutions. Allianz offers every client a personal and solution orientated service culture to make every usage of the claim service as comfortable as possible. Whether if business or personal customer Allianz worldwide has 16.000 employees in 35 countries speaking 58 languages to care about your satisfaction.



Insurance plans


When living abroad for an extended period (1 year or more), ensure that you and your family have the best health insurance possible to cover your medical expenses. 


We at rabbit finance compare global health insurance plans from all major insurers. 


Our insurance partners offer comprehensive worldwide annually renewable health insurance tailored to the needs of expatriates, global nomads or international citizens. 


We have selected highly rated insurers with excellent customer service, 24/7 emergency assistance and the most extensive network of doctors and healthcare facilities. 


We can offer various plans for each of the insurers. Each plan provides essential as well as more comprehensive coverage with additional benefits. Submit your phone number or call our insurance consultant to get a insurance quote tailored to your individual needs.



Area of cover


Allianz worldwide offers different International health insurance coverage areas. The first option is the worldwide coverage. With this insurance plan you are covered for all treatments covered by your contract in every country in the world. Allianz insurance group will provide you the best available coverage when and wherever you work or live.


The second option is the worldwide coverage excluding the USA. The most international health Insurances provide this option because of the extremely high medical costs in the USA. It gives customers the opportunity to pay lower insurance premiums if they are sure to not enter in the USA.


The third option is a health coverage only for Afrika. With this coverage Allianz Worldwide only covers treatment in an official state of the Afrikan continent.



What is covered?


With the insurance service of Allianz Worldwide you are able to choose between three basic insurance levels with different coverage amounts and including benefits. In addition you are able to customize every plan with our service staff until it perfectly fits to your needs.



Basic level coverage overview


  Essential Classik Premier

Maximum benefit in Euro

500.000 1.125.000 2.250.000
Hostpital accomodation Semi-private room Private room Private room
Outpatient treatment   x x
Outpatient dental treatment     x
Laser eye treatment     x
Complications of pregnancy   x x
Accidental death     x
Preventative surgery     x
Rehabilitation treatment x x x
intensive care x x x
Diagnostic tests x x x


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