3 Most common cancers in women.

Cancer is a disease that kills a lot of people. Especially the three types of cancer that women need special care!

Although many Thai women may not have risky behavior be cancer. But in the city have polluted environmental genetics. The encounter with chemicals, medications, including the food we eat each day. All of these factors contribute to cancer.

Top 3 Most common cancers in women.

1. Cervical cancer Cervical cancers in women cause for women with this disease. If you have multiple sexual partners. If a woman decides to become a mother at a young age. You may be a risk is cervical cancer.

2.Breast cancer This disease most are found in women who are quite old. Cause of Breast cancer in women example women start of menstruation early want to be was young. Women have the first child over 30 years and like go to party drink alcohol.

3.Oral cancer For most women, This type of cancer is very common in middle-aged patients. The average age is about 60 years. Those who are at risk oral cancer in the smokers. Drinking Alcohol. And have sex with people with HIV.

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