How much is dental insurance and what does it cover?

Dental insurance Is the premium cost? How to protect? Worth doing?

Dental insurance premiums

For dental insurance premiums, May vary according to each package that the insured chooses Which will have high coverage, high premiums or less coverage Insurance premiums will be followed down.

But we recommend that you choose insurance with high coverage because even though you have to pay premiums at a more expensive price But the coverage is more Can be called worth the money paid.

Main coverage Of dental insurance

Dental insurance will have main coverage, with details of coverage as follows.

  1. Scaling, polishing, and fluoride coating

Whether scaling, polishing, or fluoride coating Dental insurance also provides total protection. The amount of coverage depends on what type of insured person is selected.

  1. Surgical removal of teeth (excluding x-ray)

To cut the teeth Is something that can happen to almost everyone And if the insured Wants to cut the teeth This dental insurance is also covered by surgery.

  1. Treatment of teeth caused by accidents

As you know, the accident happened. It can occur at any time Dental insurance, therefore, has protection for dental treatment caused by accidents as well. Whether it is falling, being hit, crashing, including various unintentional actions That is an accident Until the insurance of the insured's teeth has been damaged The insurance company will provide protection. By paying actual costs.