OPD health insurance

Out-Patient-Department or OPD is patients admitted without having to stay in the hospital and can return home at the time of admission.

What did Out-Patient-Department mean? Out-Patient-Department is patients admitted without having to stay in a hospital, you can return home at the time of admission.

Health insurance treatment and take care patients not difference such as the insured will be the age of 6 to 69 years. You can choose health insurance premium payment can be paid yearly, 6-month, 3-month or monthly. And you can buy health insurance the policy appended or new policy health insurance. Depending on your needs.

Conditions OPD health insurance has different conditions such as health insurance, not covered medical expenses resulting from injury or illness caused by any injury or illness that occurred in the period as determined by the insurance company.

From a memorandum, the hospital outpatient medical insurance or contract renewal date is the record endorsing caused by diseases or disorders including complications following.

  • Thyroid disease
  • Epilepsy Diabetes
  • Allergy
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Stomach disease

Conditions of OPD health insurance, not coverage The health and beauty treatment, dental treatment, snoring. The treatment is not medically necessary. The treatment is not a medicine. Alcohol treatment, narcotic drugs, suicide, AIDS, sexually transmitted infection.

All of the above is the only exception that we are just part only. And exclusions of each company are not the same, everything depends on the insurance company to determine coverage details and exceptions.

Finally, if you interest OPD health insurance, you can ask details of OPD health insurance company with a phone or main website.