Benefits of refinancing

Installment reduction

Installment reduction

Determine new installment conditions. Reduce or increase number and amount of installments to adapt the loan to your current financial situation.

Total interest reduction

Total interest reduction

Receive better interest conditions in general or decide to repay your loan in a shorter time periode to save money with a total interest reduction.

No refinance fees

No refinance fees

rabbit finance's consulting service is free to use and will be in future. Futhermore is it already possible to apply without bank charges after 3 to 5 years.

Applying process

Website regristration

Website regristration

Click the "Apply now" button and fill in the form with the needed personal information. Subsequently you will receive a service call from our experts.

Consulting call

Consulting call

Our finance experts will help you to find the cheapest refinance solution including all your wishes about the repay time period and installment amount.

Bank process

Bank process

After your selection for the most profitable loan, we will pass you to your selected provider to conclude the contract for your new refinancing plan.

Why rabbit finance?

Free consulting service

Free consulting service

Our financial experts will recommend you the best refinance solution for your needs.
Trusted partners

Trusted partners

We exclusively work together with Thailand's leading loan providers.
Save money

Save money

Our refinance offers will guaranteed improve your previous conditions and interests.

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About Home Loan Refinancing


In the beginning of every home loan you need to determine the repayment period and Installment amount. But what happen when your financial situation changes during your repayment period? With your old loan you are contractual addicted to the old conditions. In this Situation the refinance loans of rabbit finance can help.


In general refinancing means to replace an old loan with a new one. The intention with refinancing is to pay as less interests as possible. The big advantage of a new refinancing loan is, that you are able to determine your installments and repayment period newly. That means you can decide between new conditions to influence the loan installments and interest rates.



Refinancing options



Shortening or lengthening the loan repayment period


When you borrow money with a loan you need to pay fixed or adjustable interest rates every year. Because of this a loan with a long repayment period is more expensive in total.


With the new refinancing loan you can decide how high the new monthly installment amount should be. If you want to save money and repay less money in total, you should determine the installment amount as high as possible, for shortening the repay period. If you can’t afford your old loan conditions any more you can also do exactly the opposite. If you should decide to extend the time repayment period you automatically decrease the installment amount.



Converting between fixed and adjustable interest rates



If you raise a mortgage you often have the opportunity to decide between fixed and adjustable interest rates. Depending on the respective situation for loan conditions can one option be strategical better than the other. Often the financial situation changes during the repayment period. With a refinance loan you can adapt your interests to the new financial situation.


If the interests are falling an adjustable interest rate is the better option. There would be a high chance that your interest rates would become lower in the future. Furthermore fixed interest rates are often higher than adjustable rates.


If you want to know more about the opportunity to choose between fixed and adjustable rates please contact our customer service.



Benefit from better loan conditions


During the repayment period of your loan it is possible that the common interest rates have been decreasing. In this situation you would lose a lot of many keep on paying your old loan installments with the old conditions. Loan refinance gives you the opportunity to benefit from new loan conditions with lower interest rates.


Moreover if you have a loan with adjustable interest rates and you don’t really need to care about changing interest conditions, it could be that your current loan providers do not offer the cheapest loan conditions any more. In this case a refinance loan could also be an option to save money.

Capability checking


The first step you have to do in the applying process for a refinance loan is to find out if the whole process is worthwhile.


You should check, if you need to pay fees or penalties when you change the provider of your home loan. It could be possible that these fees could wipe out any savings of refinancing. A calculation is very important in this situation. If the savings due to the lower interest rates of your new refinance loan are not higher than the fees, refinancing would not make sense.


But if this circumstance is applicable there are still some options to save with refinancing. In some cases the banks have something like a blocking time for refinancing in your loan contracts. In this case you need to wait until this time is expired before you can benefit from refinancing.




If the result of your calculation is positive, nothing should hold you back to go on with the next steps of rabbit finance refinancing. You can use our free consulting service to find the best and cheapest refinancing deals. With rabbit finance we guarantee you to receive the cheapest refinance solutions in Thailand.


The only thing you need to do is to fill in your personal details into the lead form. Subsequently you need to wait a few minutes until the rabbit service will call you back. During the phone call our financial experts will provide you the cheapest refinancing loan for your needs. Afterwards your new bank provider will contact you.


For your new provider it is necessary, that you need to gather all your information and documents for a new home loan. Needed information are for example bank statements, salary information of the last years and credit arrangements.


As the last step, before you will receive your new improved refinance loan, the bank provider will value your property to make sure that the bank has an appraisal. Subsequently you will receive the new loan as fast as possible and you can start saving money.


We are a professional financial broker and part of the BTS Group. In addition to the connection with rabbit finance's famous mother company we have leading partners in all financial sectors. We are Thailand’s leading insurance broker and a successful financial service provider. Our intention is to provide our customers the best financial product that exactly fits to their needs. Furthermore our service is free to use and will remain free in future.


In addition rabbit finance attach importance to an excellent customer service in any situation. Our call agents and service staff will help you with every question according to all our products. We have financial experts in our team that are trained to help you especially with loan refinancing and home loans. Besides our call service we offer contact solutions like our live chat to guarantee your satisfaction


Another issue for rabbit finance is our security system. We use the highest safety standards of Comodo on all our websites and financial services. It doesn’t matter if you use our free consulting service, if you want to apply for a personal loan, if you want a new credit card or if you want to use rabbit finance's comparing service, your data will be always secured.

About SCB bank



In 1907 Siam Commercial Bank has started it mission to become Thailand’s best universal bank. Today the bank provides a wide range of financial services for business customer as well as personal solutions. As one of Thailand’s leading financial providers does SCB Bank meet all necessary conditions to provide you a comprehensive and trustable banking service. You can decide between a wide choice of loan quotations to receive the best finance service for your needs.



Home loan products of SCB bank



My Home My Cash


With this type of home loan you can get money for an existing house or property. We use your house as a financial security and you will receive a loan. The amount can be as high as the value of your property. It is the perfect solution to receive a high loan amount without high restrictions.




  • No need to wait for appraisal nor for guarantor
  • High loan amounts of up to 10 million THB
  • No securities valuation fee
  • No mortgage fee
  • Installment periods of up to 30 years
  • Easy installment payment with cheap interest rates
  • Loans can be used for multiple purposes




  • You need to have a Thai nationality
  • The applicant need to be at least 20 years old


SCB New Home Loan


Have you ever dreamed of an own home for your family, or have you seen your dream property, but you are currently not able to afford it? For this situation the Home Loan of SCB Bank exists.




  • Loans available for up to 100% of the appraisal property value
  • Flexible options with fixed or floating interest rates
  • More than 1,000 branches around the nation for an excellent customer service
  • Determinable installment rates with repayment periods up to 30 years




  • You need to have a Thai nationality
  • The applicant need to be at least 20 years old
  • The borrower need to earn more than 15.000 Baht per month


SCB Refinance


SCB Bank’s refinance loans are for everyone who wants to save money by reducing the interests of an existing home loan, or for people who want to improve their loan conditions by changing the repayment conditions of the loan.




  • The refinance loans of Siam Commercial Bank are available for up to 100% of the appraisal home or property value.
  • The borrower can choose between fixed or floating interest rate conditions
  • The loan amount can be up to 10 million THB depending on the property appraisal
  • The maximum repayment period is 30 years




  • The borrower have had a home loan for more than two years with a different provider
  • The borrower is at least 20 years old
  • The borrower need to have a Thai nationality to apply for a refinance loan


SCB Home loan/ SCB Home Loan Top Up


With this home loan product SCB Bank offers financing for housing projects. You can apply for this loan if you have a plan to purchase or built a property. The conditions and installment amounts will be determined by the SCB bank.


After two years of punctual payments and a very good credit history, the borrower is able to receive another Top Up loan of up to 5 million baht.




  • A maximum loan amount of 90% of the project value with a maximum repayment period of 30 years.
  • Fixed or floating Interest rate based on MLR.
  • Benefit from an optional long-term fire insurance (2 to 30 years).



SCB Home Loan for Professionals


In addition to the normal home loans SCB Bank also offers special loan solutions for professionals. These loans are available for physicians, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, lawyers, and university lecturers of associate professor level or higher.


SCB Home Builder


This Home loan is a special loan for building you dream home. This home loan is the perfect solution to fulfil your dream of an own customized home. Benefit from a 100% construction coverage and an extra loan top up of up to 30% for decoration or furniture.




  • Receive a credit amount of up to 100% of construction cost (in case of freehold land plot).
  • Total credit line of up to 90% of appraisal value of land plot and structure.
  • Benefit from additional loan to up’s of up to 30% for decoration or purchase of furniture according to conditions of the Home Builder program
  • You are able to decide between fixed or floating interest rates
  • You will receive an excellent customer service, which will help you with all your questions.




  • The qualifications of this loan are depending on the loan conditions. For more information please contact the customer service.

About Krungsri bank / Bank of Ayudhya



Krungsri Bank offers financial solutions of highest standards including innovative products and services to remain one of the leading banks of Thailand. Moreover a variety of different awards show the professionalism and expertise of this loan provider. Next to an innovative home refinance service does Krungsri Bank offer different other loan solutions. If you want to build a house or if you own a house and need a high amount of easy money, Krungsri Bank offers appropriate home loans.



Home loan products of Krungsri bank / Bank of Ayudhya



Krungsri Home Refinance



  • Saving of the total interest amount through shorten the repayment period
  • Saving with the most cheapest interest rates
  • Fast and easy apply process
  • A repayment period of up to 30 years



  • The applicant age need to be between 20 and 65 years
  • Permanent employees, government officials or state-enterprise employees with no less than 2 years of work period
  • Self-employed persons with no less than 2 years in business operations
  • Co-borrower(s), if any, must be immediate family member(s) of the primary borrower


Krungsri Home Loan/ Home loan for Condominium


Buying a home is one of the biggest decision in life and many people only do it once. Krungsri Bank understands this difficult decision. Because of this they offer your help with a personalized home loan. Moreover Krungsri Bank offers loans to buy Condominiums



  • Some of the lowest interest costs on the market
  • A loan amount of up to 90% of the property appraisal value for Home loans
  • A loan amount of 100% of appraisal value without an appraisal fee for condominiums
  • Fast and easy apply process
  • The home loan has a maximum repayment periode of 30 years.


Qualifications of Home and Condominium Loan

  • The applicants age need to be between 20-65 years
  • Permanent employees, government officials or state-enterprise employees with no less than 2 years of work period (for both previous and present employments)
  • Self-employed persons with no less than 2 years in business operations


Krungsri Home for Cash


For every owner of a house, condominium or other property Krungsri bank offers the Home for Cash loan solution. You can raise a mortgage on your property and receive easy money.



  • For applicants owning their own property
  • Easy and fast application process
  • Lower interest rates than with other loan solutions
  • A maximum loan amount of up to 80% of the appraisal value



  • The applicants age need to be between 20-65 years
  • Permanent employees, government officials or state-enterprise employees with no less than 2 years of work period (for both previous and present employments)
  • Self-employed persons with no less than 2 years in business operations


Krungsri Deposit for Loan


In addition to the basic offers Krungsri Bank also provide a very flexible deposit for loan solution. It is a multi-purpose overdraft credit with a maximum credit limit of 5 million THB.


Krungsri Home Loan for Second Hand Home


Receive a loan to buy an already used house or condominium. The maximum loan amount is 90% of the appraisal property value. The necessary conditions are same as for a normal home loan.


Krungsri Home Loan for Special Occupation Group


Krungsri Bank provide special loan conditions for professionals including physicians, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists. If you should apply for this home loan you can benefit from preferential interest rates on condition that the loan amount is more than 1 million THB.


About Bangkok Bank



Bangkok Bank was founded 1944. The company offers a wide range of financial services, for personal as well as business customers. Bangkok bank has the largest retail customer amount in Thailand and more than 600 branches spread in the country. It is one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia and the largest bank of Thailand. These factors make Bangkok Bank a trustful financial home loan partner. You can choose between a wide variety of home loans for different types of home projects und different borrowers.


Whether for employees, high income earners or families, Bangkok Bank provide suitable Home loan solutions. Bualuang Home Loans are designed flexible and customizable, to fulfill dreams of own property for everyone.



Home loan products of Bangkok Bank



Bangkok Bank Refinancing Loans


A loan for everyone who wants to improve old loan conditions. Find the cheapest interest rates from Bangkok bank and determine new loan conditions and repayment periods for your needs.



  • Refinance your mortgage with lower interests
  • Determine new repayment periods
  • Receive up to 100% of the old loan amount
  • Choose between land and residential property as collateral
  • Free management and changing service
  • The appraisal fee is only 3.000 THB


Bangkok Bank Housing Project Home Loans


This loan solution of Bangkok bank is addressed to people who want to buy property like a house or a condominium in Thailand.



  • You are able to receive 100% of the property purchase price as a home loan.
  • Repayment periods of up to 30 years
  • Free repayment choices. You can decide between flat rate plan or step installments
  • Waived appraisal fee


Bangkok Bank Special Home Loans for High Income Earners


This home loan is addressed to people who earn at least 50.000 THB per month. Moreover do you need to meet other conditions to be qualified for this type of home loan.


  • Your salary need to be paid into a Bangkok Bank bank account
  • You need to work in an accepted business company ranked in Thailand’s 1000 top companys
  • Your employer need to be registered in the Thai stock exchange


If you meet the conditions you can use Bualuang Home Loans to buy or build new residential property. Furthermore it is possible use this loan for refinancing. 



  • You are able to receive 95% of the property purchasing price as a home loan.
  • Repayment periods of up to 30 years
  • Choose between land and residential property as collateral
  • Save because of a waived appraisal and service/ management fee


Bangkok Bang Home Loans for Bank Properties


Bangkok Bang is the owner of a variety of properties, including houses, condominiums and commercial buildings in Thailand. The Home Loan for Bank properties of Bangkok Bank supports you to buy this properties with exclusive conditions.



  • You are able to receive 90 % of the property sales price as the maximum loan amount
  • Your collateral is the property from Bangkok Bank
  • Save because of a waived appraisal and service/ management fee
  • Repayment periods of up to 30 years


Bagkok bank Sinmathaya Subthawee Deposit Customer home loan


Receive special offers with a Sinmathaya Subthawee bank account. If you have already made monthly deposits for a time period of 12 month you can benefit from cheaper loan conditions. Moreover it is possible to apply for this conditions within one year after the end of the Sinmathaya Subthawee Deposit account.



  • A maximal loan amount of 90% of the property appraisal value
  • A maximal repayment period of 30 years
  • Selectable repayment options. Decide between step installment or rate plans
  • Choose between land and residential property as collateral

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