Life insurance to protect your family and you during emergencies

  • Covers up to the age of 90
  • Receive the highest benefits, including pay backs
  • Save money for your child's education

  • Pay the premium and receive a monthly salary each year
  • When the contract ends, receive money that you can use after retiring or in case of permanent disabilities.
  • Premiums can be used to deduct taxes.

  • Life insurance for your family
  • Life insurance for the elderly
  • Life insurance for retirement savings
  • Life insurance for your savings, investments, and taxes

Various life insurance plans to keep you protected

Various insurance plans to plan out your life after retirement

Various life insurance plans for savings and investments

Various life insurance plans for the elderly

Why Rabbit Finance?

Select the perfect plan

Select the perfect plan

Select the plan you're interested in with our website

A multitude of life insurance plans

A multitude of life insurance plans

Everything to suit your needs with great deals that is exclusively at Rabbit Finance

Free advice and helpful recommendations

Free advice and helpful recommendations

Our service staff will help you to find the most suitable insurance plan for your needs

  • XISpecial premium for best quotes from leading insurance brands from rabbit finance
  • Special privilege and exclusive gifts from rabbit finance for every policy you purchase
  • Best life insurance quotes & wide coverage variation because we pick only the best quotes for you
  • Online security system from Omise (international standard with global users)
  • Insurance & financial online consultant, free of charge


For someone who wants to learn about life insurance, go to the Glossary in Life Insurance section to answer your questions on technical terms.

Beside special life insurance premiums that start from 100 baht per day, when you bought a life insurance via rabbit finance.

  • Whole life insurance
  • Saving life insurance
  • Retirement life insurance
  • Additional insurance such as health insurance, cancer insurance


Whether it’s life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance or other financial products that we provide such as credit cards and personal loans.

Besides life insurance that will leave your children with an inheritance and extra tax reduction benefits every year, you can pick additional insurance to further guarantee your financial future and security. A comprehensive financial plan can be made with a mix of savings insurance policies or life insurance policies.  Pick your preferred insurance policy here:


Terms & Conditions for each quote depends on insurers

  • Health Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance


For better financial stability in today's environment, short-term plans won’t be the best option for you. Your saving plans could start with life insurance as a safe pick, because accidents can happen anywhere. No-one can foresee the future, so protect yourself with life insurance will ensure your family or loved ones' financial security.

The usual time to buy life insurance to reduce your taxes starts at the end of the year around October until March of the following year. Government regulations govern the amount of tax savings, so different life insurance plans will result in different amounts of tax savins.  Customized life insurance policies with special conditions exist for different people, for example your retired parents.


Advantages of life insurance plans vs. other financial products, such as equity stocks, include lower risk, regular income and long-term coverage.  There are many customizable options in life insurance plans to emphasize different benefits, such as paying premiums for a short period and then receiving longer-term benefits later.  You can also use this to reduce your taxes every year.


Another benefit is that a life insurance plan can reduce the financial risk and increase the financial stability for your entire family.


A variety of tools exist to help calculate your tax savings, such as a mobile phone application or tools on government websites (if there are any changes in official government regulations). For anyone who is calculating your 2017 tax savings amounts, don’t forget to include life insurance to help balance your investment portfolio, especially for people with high incomes.

Brand reputation is a key decision factor for most people when selecting insurance providers. The relative pros & cons of each policy are sometimes less important to people to make a decision than the brand reputation and history.


Rabbit Finance offers comparison and advisory services about the best products in the Thai banking and insurance industry. We partner with the leading insurance and banking brands in order to find the best benefits for rabbit finance customers.


Many well-known insurance brands such as Krungthai AXA Life Insurance, Muangthai Life Insurance, Thai Life insurance, etc. are the first brands on people's minds. We only pick the best & most suitable quotations for you from each brand in our list, and help you compare it.  You will receive full information on each insurance plan to help you decide on the best one, plus you can receive gifts and special privileges you won’t find anywhere else if you buy from us. 


Rabbit Finance has a list of the best life insurance brands for anyone who is interested, with info about their history, contact information, location, products and so on.

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