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Save money

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Trusted OIC Broker

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Free consulting service

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The other insurance websites are normally annoying and hard to navigate, but not Rabbit Finance website. They provided useful information in an easy-to-understand format.



Insurance products of AIA Insurance



AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus


AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus life insurance is a flexible and customizable life insurance plan to meet the needs of every customer.


 A special feature in this type of plan is the multiplier. You are able to increase the coverage for death by 2,3 or up to 5 times to leave your dependents as much money as possible.


In addition you can determine different installment pay periods between 12 and 20 years. Therefore you can choose your installment amounts perfect fitted to your needs. In the moment you finish paying for the AIA Life Insurance you can benefit from an exclusive life insurance coverage up to age 100.


Furthermore it is possible to buy a variety of additional features to make the coverage even more comprehensive. With the Early Critical Protector Life Plus you can benefit from the same multiply system as in the basic version but the coverage conditions are different. It also covers special conditions like diabetic complications and osteoporis. For more information about specific conditions please contact our customer service.



AIA Family First Protect


The AIA Family First Protect plan is addressed to people who want to make an innovative investment for greater returns of money. Next to the win of money do you also have the advantage to leave your descendants a profitable legacy.


Similar to the life insurance options is this investment possibility designed for being as flexible as possible. For your life insurance investment you are able to choose in a wide variety of different investment funds. Moreover can you switch and increase your investment whenever you want.


In addition you have access to your money whenever you want. Through partial withdrawals you will never run out of money if you need money for your daily life.


For more information about the AIA Family First Protect investment possibility please contact our service time.



More products


In addition to this two main life insurance types do AIA Insurance also offers eight more insurance plans. Each of this plans have different advantages for different investment and condition needs and different issue age periods. Our customer service will recommend you the best personal solution.

AIA Insurance was founded 1919 in Shanghai. Today it is the second largest life insurance in the world and the largest listed company on the Honk Kong stock exchannge, currently working in 18 countrys on the Asian market. With a focus on the Asian-Pacific market, every customer can be sure to receive the best local insurance service that is possible in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Macau, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Cambodia.


Over 16 million people are covered by AIA Insurance and benefit from their outstanding life insurance offers. More than 13 million payments for customer claims every year help people to handle every situation.


The intention of AIA Insurance is to offer its customers the perfect insurance solution to meet the needs of everyone and help them with every challenge in life. AIA understands that different people need different insurance options.


Because of this the insurance plans are maximal flexible and customizable, addressed to customers who want a product and service without compromises.

AIA Insurance provides life insurance plans for you and your family. There are several possibilities when a life insurance is a big advantage. First at all are you able to dissolve the insurance in case of any financial problems, to receive a high amount of money which you paid in before.


Another situation is the death of a person or your death. The moment when someone dies is for sure the worst thing that can happen in life, but it is even worse if it happens unexpected. Often this situation cause financial problems for the descendants. No one want to think about financial problems when a family member and loved ones passed away. The life insurance cover includes money for funeral costs. Moreover can you built a legacy with a life insurance. After your death will your family receive a high amount of money to remain their financial status.

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