Benefit of insurance

Once you have bought a life insurance from the insurance company, What should you get from benefit ?

Many people might think about why they would need to get a life insurance, and what benefits it could give them when they could not know what might happen in the future. To answer the question, life insurance is strongly recommended for everyone as it gives them all kinds of benefits which are described briefly below….

Saving Money - People may be wondering how it can save money because it is kind of a semi-forced agreement, which the insured must pay premiums regularly and he/she would get a refund under conditions specified in the contract. On the other hand, it is also a reason why people could save money for retirement age or education fund. Despite of that, it cannot be withdrawn, not like depositing money with a bank, as it can be considered a long-term investment.

Building Stability and Security - In every insurance policies, there are benefits intended to help those affected by illness or disability from accidents getting a compensation in order to help them survive and be able to continue living.

Benefits of Tax Cuts - The government has a policy that supports life insurance businesses, therefore, those who opt for the service will be able to use premiums as a discount when calculating the personal income tax. The discount amount cannot exceed 100,000 baht for a common model or 200,000 baht for pension model.