How does life insurance work?

If life insurance is not just life protection And what does life insurance cover?

Major coverage That life insurance will provide protection as follows

  1. Life

The death was also divided into another, namely death. Died by suicide Died in an accident Which must also see that according to the life insurance policy purchased There may be exceptions, not paying premiums in the case of certain deaths as well.

  1. In case the policy is due

If it is life insurance for collectors With a refund when the policy is due Please contact the insurance company to receive a refund.

  1. In the case of claiming medical expenses, disability and organ loss

Notify the company within 10 days and provide evidence to receive compensation as agreed in the policy purchased

However, must see that The coverage conditions of each insurance company may vary. Before purchasing a life insurance policy, it is wise to read the coverage details first. For the benefit that insurance buyers will receive.