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Life insurance that is right for us What kind of protection is required?

3 things to know before you decide to buy life insurance

  1. Checking financial capabilities.

Each person has the same income each month. Therefore should consider the ability to pay life insurance premiums Choose to suit your own income style. According to the amount that you can pay and the payment period for convenient insurance premiums, such as monthly, yearly, short-term or long-term payments.

  1. Understand the insurance terms to buy.

The conditions in each policy type have many details. Should consider studying the coverage thoroughly What insurance coverage does this purchase offer and how much does it cover? Does it cover OPD or IPD expenses? Including the returns received at the end of the contract.

  1. Channel to buy insurance.

Should consider from reliable channels such as banks or insurance agents that have insurance sales licenses only And should have easy communication channels Can check the profile.