retirement insurance

Getting to know pension insurance.

Pension insurance is life insurance that provides income protection for those who work after retirement. With the insured having to pay the premium according to the amount and duration specified in the policy Which when the insurer pays the premium amount according to the amount and duration The insurance company will pay the benefits on a monthly basis. Or regularly annually until the insured dies Or according to the period specified in the insurance contract.

Pension insurance is an insurance that focuses heavily on saving money rather than providing life protection. Which the insured will receive benefits from Pension insurance Only when the insured lives until the end of the contract Because the life insurance company will evaluate the number of installments that the insured must pay according to the average age of the group of people who are in the same period.

In addition to the pension that the insured will receive There are other benefits as well. (Depending on the conditions of each insurance company), whether it is protected in the event of an accident or death or can bring insurance premiums to reduce the burden of personal income tax payment.