The good, The bad of each life insurance

Did you know? The goods and the flaws of each type of life insurance

There's 5 type of life insurance with unique policy on each one. 1. Normal life insurance - Long term, duration fee, but work for the rest of your life. - Not much benefits, only get your money back when you're dead.

  1. Temporary life insurance

- Short term, can make an agreement on your duration, kind of like a car insurance. - Actually works like car insurance, temporary, if you're dead outside the policy time, you pay it for free.

  1. Saving life insurance

- Very good for saving, can't get your money back until the end of policy. - Low benefits, not really works as a life insurance, risks of inflation.

  1. Pension life insurance

- More benefits than saving insurance, lower risks of inflation. - Low benefits, not really works as a life insurance.

  1. Investment life insurance

- High benefits in protection, like normal Life insurance, also benefits from investment. - Investment could cost higher premium, already have higher premium than the rest.