What is the minimum amount I have to repay each month?

What is the difference between monthly and annual premiums? And what is more suitable for you?

There are 2 types of insurance payments, which are "annual insurance premiums" and "monthly insurance premiums". Both types have different advantages and disadvantages.

-Lose annual premiums-

Paying an annual premium will help you. Save more than paying monthly premiums. Because the annual payment will be about 5% -8% discount, but the annual premium payment is required to have a lump sum, such as an annual premium of 12,000 baht. If a monthly break is about 1,000 baht

If you are a person who does not have a very high income If the case is necessary to use that money to pay for medical expenses Or various expenses May cause problems in paying insurance premiums

  • Pay monthly premiums - Paying monthly insurance premiums Can choose to pay monthly, 3 months or 6 months depending on the policy of the insurance company Which is a periodic payment There is no need to have a large sum of money.

It is considered to reduce the risk from the uncertainty map of the insured life It also makes your financial condition agile, not prolonged like the annual insurance premium. If there is no lump sum, it may cause the insurance to terminate the policy.