What is covered?



Doesn't matter if lightning or liquid, short damages are covered with rabbit finance mobile insurances.
Drop damage

Drop damage

If you or someone else should drop your mobile, the insurance will refund the repair costs
Handling errors

Handling errors

Clumsiness, unawareness or misunderstandings, operation errors are covered.
Fire damages

Fire damages

If your mobile should be destroyed because of a fire, the insurance will replace your mobile.


An anti-theft protection is often an additional option to replace your mobile in case of robbery.

Applying process

Online lead form

Online lead form

Click the apply button and fill in the needed personal information.
Consulting call

Consulting call

Receive a consulting call from our insurance experts.
Customize your plan

Customize your plan

Choose and buy the insurance options that suit to your needs.
Receive your insurance

Receive your insurance

Be fully covered in case of the next smartphone damage


Premium partners

Premium partners

We work together with leading and multiple rewarded health insurances.

Customer Reviews

Thailand 4.0 is coming, which means we have to learn how to use technology to its highest capability. Whether it's a financial transaction, E-commerce or other reason.


Most people carry a smartphone or tablet at all time, especially online selling business. Smartphone is small and easier to carry around but at the same time, having a smartphone is risky to

  • Get Damage

From natural disaster to just having slippery hands, anything can cause your smartphone to ruins, like fallen into the water, forgot where did you place it, broken screen and many more.

  • Malfunctioning

Sometimes our phone can have some malfunctioning like suddenly froze, Application crashes or blow up from overheating. Even if you use the best quality phone this problem still can happen.

  • Stolen

The new smartphone with the latest technology and beautiful design is the target for pickpocket and thief everywhere. You might not think your phone will ever get lost or stolen, but it can happen to anyone.


This is only a few example of what can happen when you're using a smartphone. So it’s important to know how to prevent the problem so you won’t regret it when it’s too late.

Learning to prevent the risk of using a smartphone is a good thing. Even if we can’t avoid everything but just like other insurance it’s more comforting to have a backup plan. There’re 3 types of phone insurance


          Store warranty

When you bought a new phone, the store will give you a warranty for service, mostly for the first couple of weeks only. The store will take responsibility for a minor malfunction like the phone won’t turn on, camera problem, screen glitching including other kinds of accident. So you should constantly check your phone so you can report the problem instantly.


          Service center warranty

The warranty by the phone company mostly lasts up to a year. If the phone is broken during that period, user will receive full coverage warranty and can claim a brand new phone or if the damage is caused by user, it can be sent and fix with the service center without having to pay full amount.


          Smartphone and Tablet insurance policy from Insurance Company

Store and service center warranty have limited time and the contact can’t be extended. Smartphone and Tablet insurance is the best alternate way of ensuring that your phone will be taking care of though out its lifetime. Smartphone and tablet insurance cover losing phone, broken screen, phone fallen into the water and much more, Plus the limitations are quite low compared to other types of insurance.

Like other insurance, we must know all the detail before deciding to apply for insurance. Most smartphone and tablet insurance covers the same aspect but with a few differences.


  • Natural deserter

Most insurance cover the damage caused by natural deserter like fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake according to its policy.

  • The accident

caused by external factors such as riots, terrorists including other unfortunate events caused by the user. User must study the detail of the policy thoroughly because most insurance will not cover this area of problems.

  • Robbery

including mugging and others violent crimes. This kind of insurance must have evident or proof that it actually happens.


Most insurance policy is not much different, so we as a client must study all the aspect of the policy to get the most benefit out of it. The element we should be looking for is


  • Coverage

is the most important factor to consider when applying for insurance. We must find the best policy that provides coverage that fit our risk and benefit.

  • Condition and exception,

like most insurance smartphone and tablet insurance, have a condition of application including some exceptions that we have to know beforehand.

  • Contact duration and coverage area.

Smartphone and tablet insurance have limited contact duration and coverage area. That’s mean the insurance won't cover the damage that happens while you are out of its coverage area.

  • Coverage credit limit and document requested for claims.

We must choose the best coverage credit limit that suits smartphone's value and risk.


This is all the information you need to know before decided to apply for smartphone and tablet insurance. If you have any concern please don’t hesitant to contact rabbit finance for more information.

Each insurance policy has a slightly different condition. Whether it’s health insurance, life insurance including smartphone insurance.


Each smartphone model has different cost, feature including the risk that could happen, so the premium and coverage is uneven.  The insurance company will determinate every condition beforehand so every claim can be the same standard and it will prevent any confusion that could happen.


          Example of the condition of smartphone and tablet insurance policy.


            Apple smartphone insurance:

The policy may only cover iPhone and iPod that worth more than 20,000 baht and must be the purchase within 2 months since the date of insurance application. The premium starts at 1,000 baht and will cover within the amount of the credit limit of 15,000 baht.


            Other smartphone insurance:

The policy cover every smartphone brands that cost less than 10,000 baht and must be used less than 1 year of insurance application date. The premium starts at 695 baht and will cover within the amount of the credit limit of 7,500 baht.


In conclusion, each company will have different policy and condition for every phone. We as the client have to gather as much information as possible before every purchase, so we can get the best benefit that most suit our need without having to deal with any difficulty what so ever.

Latest phone always comes with a free warranty but what happens when it's expired. The risk still remains even when there’s no warranty, so, applying for insurance is the best option to ensure your smartphone safety.


Rabbit finance understand the needs and the risk of smartphone user, so we provide the best insurance service that will meet all of your expectation. We will help you find an insurance company that fits you the best. So you can make the decision must easier with just a few step to get started.


  • Begging to search

by coming to our website https://rabbitfinance.com you will see that it’s really user-friendly. You can just click on the service that you’re interested in and fill in basic information and what you’re looking for to find the best smartphone and tablet insurance that’s best for you.

  • Made a decision to purchase

we have all the detail and information of every smartphone and tablet insurance that you need to know and compared them so you can make the decision much easier and much faster. Plus you can purchase additional service, exclusively for rabbit finance customer.

  • Application process

you can use a credit card for online payment through the website and make confirmation through e-mail. It will only take a few minutes to apply and you will get additional service such as discounts for insurance application including other gifts as well.

With rabbit finance, you insurance application will be fast, easy, safe and cost-effective. If you’re interested to apply for smartphone and tablet insurance do not hesitate to contact Rabbit finance.

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