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Premium partners

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rabbit finance benefits

rabbit finance benefits

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Starting Prices

Insurer Type Starting price
Southeast  2+,3+ 1,199
Asia 2+,3+  1,699
Thaisri  1,2+,3+ 1,870
Thaivivat  3+ 1,880


Remark: The coverage details are depending on the customer information and insurer conditions.

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Online lead form

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Receive your insurance

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Customer Reviews

reviewer photo


Honda PCX, Type 3+


This is my first time I used a online broker to buy a insurance. The process was very fast and easy to understand. I had the choice between 19 insurance plans for my motorcycle and got a amazing price. I will definitly buy again with rabbit finance. Recommendable!


1,480฿  Actual amount 1,199฿

reviewer photo


Bangkok, Honda Scoopy, Type 2+


I found a very cheap Asia insurance deal with rabbit finance. First I went to a Asia Insurance branch but the price of rabbit finance is even cheaper. I don’t know how they do it, but I got exactly the same coverage for less money. Futhermore the service was very satisfying. From now on I will buy all my insurances online.



1,980฿ Actual amount 1,750฿

reviewer photo


Udon Thani, Honda Click, Type 2+


Last week I had a  scooter accident and my bike was damaged. Asia Insurance gave me enough money to repair the damage by professionals in the Honda repair shop. I am glad about my decision to apply for insurance a few month ago. Rabbit finance is recommendable.


2,599฿ Actual amount 2,169฿

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In general our motorbike insurances are very similar to the car insurances. For motorcycle owners in Thailand is it necessary to have a mandatory insurance coverage. In case of an accident his mandatory cover covers only damages or expenses caused to a third party in the accident. For example does it cover repairing costs from another involved person but not the own repairing expenses. In addition could it also happen that you need to pay health treatment costs for yourself or for other persons. For this kind of situations we offer various options. You can decide between the cheapest voluntary insurances categorized under type 3 up to the premium plans called type 1. This are the possible coverage options starting with the best possibility for your coverage:


  • Insurance Class 1
  • Insurance Class 2+
  • Insurance Class 2
  • Insurance Class 3+
  • Mandatory Insurance


Furthermore more comprehensive insurance plans often offer a higher coverage amount. A high coverage amount is particularly important when several motorcycle drivers are involved in an accident that is fault by you. In this situation the total claim amount can become very high.

One of the trendy subject in Thailand these days are Big Bike or large size motorcycle. Its high price made big motorcycle insurance quotes very expensive. It is reasonable if you’re looking for type 1 motorbike insurance that weren’t that popular, because these offers are hidden from consumer sight. You could approach the Insurers directly, or use rabbit finance comparison services.


Most of the big bike owner won’t be able to apply for type 2 and type 3 insurance, because its high value that contains high amount of risk, made it not suitable for offers with cheap quotes. Insurers tend to offer type 1 motor insurance with high premium, and fixed amount of money. Thailand’s government comes up with a new policy about motorcycle insurance with OIC to improve Thai Insurer’s quotes. Mandatory insurance for motorcycle and its tax are also higher than normal scooters. Whether it is big bike or scooter, these type of vehicle always have a lower security and safety. That is the reason why its quotes are more expensive than car insurance.


Though it is not that obvious to categorize scooter, motorcycle and big bike in Thailand yet, doesn’t mean you could not classify your vehicle. You could check its engine to specify its class, the faster it goes, chance of accident are higher as well.

The amount of stolen motorcycles in Thailand is very high every year. Because of this a motorcycle insurance is a perfect provision.


Insurance offers of Viriyah Insurance Company:

  • For the red license plate car (new car):
  • 80% coverage of the car value


For the motorcycle aged 1-3 years (registered)

  • the maximum coverage amount will decrease with the age of the motorcycle
  • only available for motorcycles that are manufactured and registered in Thailand
  • Separate conditions for big motorcycles which has an engine size exceed 150 cc


For the motorcycle with the age of 4-9 years (registered) if the installment is higher than 500 BHT

  • The coverage for the motorcycle with an age of more than 4 years is 10,000 Baht
  • The coverage for the motorcycle with an age of more than 5-9 years is 6,000 Baht


The conditions of the insurance plans are depending on the exact age and engine size of your motorcycle. Because of this reason we recommend you to use the comparing service of rabbit finance. Our experts will use your personal information to find the best motorcycle insurance for your needs.

Rabbit is the number 1 online insurance broker in Thailand. We are experts in all types of insurances. We offer our customers an excellent customer service with trained service staff which can help you in every kind of situation.


In the comparison process, rabbit finance collect all of the information to find the best insurance for your needs. Save a lot of time searching on other websites and use our comparison service to see the best deals of 30 leading insurances on a glace. Our partners are for example: Thai Vivat Insurance, Asia Insurance, Direct Asia Insurance and Thai Sri Insurance.


Receive special motorcycle insurance deals only offered to rabbit finance customers. The installments start from only 1,199 Baht for Type 3 insurances.

After you decided for the right motorcycle insurance you will be transmitted to our fast and easy purchasing process. Decide between a variety of payment options and benefit from highest safety standards with our It security partner COMODO.

What exactly is your no-claim discount?


Accident-free driving can save you a lot of money with your motorcycle insurance. If the insurance know that you are a save driver with a low risk of accident you can receive a discount on your insurance costs.. The no amount of the claim discount depends on the insurance conditions. A typical no claim discount will increased annually to a maximum discount of up to 50 percent.



What is a sufficient liability coverage amount?


We recommend you to not be stingy with liability coverage. The safest way is to purchase the highest coverage level your budget can afford. Especially bodily injury liability costs can be enormous high. Imagine you are responsible for an accident with five involved persons. You would be obliged to pay compensation payments to all victims and for medical expenses for five persons. Furthermore you need to add the costs of various repair costs for cars or motorcycles. This can cause total expanses of millions of Baht.



How much money will I get in case of a total loss when my bike is covered with a type 1 insurance?


In case of an accident the motorcycle insurance need to pay compensation for a total loss or smaller damages on the insured motorcycle. For the amount of compensation the market value of the motorcycle is important. The market value is the cost of replacing your motorbike with another of the same make and model and of similar age and condition at the moment of the accident. Our insurance partners have expert staff to calculate this amount exactly for every claim.

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