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What is Voxy

What is Voxy
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Customer Reviews

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Pear and Mint, Age 29 , Business owner

        "We feel that the application is designed for busy people, just like us! Now we can learn English anytime, anywhere."


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Kong, Age 32, Office Worker

    "I really love the performance tracking function, it shows me what skills I should focus on."

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Ploy, Age 24, University Student

    "What I love about Voxy is that the program allows me to choose the right courses for me so I can really use what I am learning in my daily life. The variety of courses is great!"

Thinking about learning English? Think of VOXY.


VOXY is the world’s leading AI based English learning solution providing personalized learning for each learner. Through Voxy’s unique AI each learner is provided with precisely what they need to progress. Voxy provides over 60 courses and expert teachers specialised in academic, test prep and career specific English tailored to the learner’s proficiency level. We understand it is essential for our learners to be excellent in English as their second language and that our learners all need English for different purposes. Whatever reason our learners need to use English we have the courses and teachers that will help them succeed. Voxy uses real-media content from media partners such as Bloomberg, BBC and The Nation (Thailand) making sure learning with Voxy is fun and relevant to real life. We know in our learner’s busy lives it is essential they can study wherever and whenever they are free. Voxy is designed to give our learners the opportunity to study, anywhere and any time they are free. Our personalised AI course and live instruction can be accessed by mobile or tablet application or PC 24/7. We are proud to be supporting thousands of learners in Thailand with an affordable, personalised and flexible English learning solution that provides proven success.


The benefits of learning English online with VOXY


Variety of courses: VOXY has over 60 academic and career-specific courses for you to choose so you can always find the right course that best fits your interests or needs. 


Study using an award-winning, innovative platform: VOXY provides  web or application based instruction using AI based innovative software. Voxy’s proven technology can test your language level accurately analyzing each of your core English skills and adapts lessons based on what you need to be able to improve each skill quickly and effectively. 


● Study anywhere, any time, 24/7: VOXY is with you wherever you are, whenever you are free. Travelling to work, school or university? Have a few minutes on your lunch break? Voxy is designed to allow you to learn on-the-go so you can study anywhere or anytime via application on smartphone (IOS and Android) or PC. 


● 24/7 live classes: 30 live classes per month are available to each learner whenever you are free. We provide you access to 24-hour live online small group classes with qualified teachers that are the right level for you. With over 5 million learners Voxy provides our learners with the opportunity to meet people from around the world. Our AI assesses your level to ensure the classes you join are with learners at the same level as you. Our classes are fully interactive and learners see and communicate with their teacher and classmates. With Voxy there is no need to be shy you can turn the camera off if you wish.


● Up-to-date real-world content: The English you need changes every day so we update our lesson content and live class topics every day to be on top of global and national real life news, business or academic developments. Voxy is proud to be the world’s most engaging platform, our learners love studying with Voxy and more studying means greater English development .

Learning English Online with VOXY


Through learning English Online with VOXY our learners achieve the best results in the shortest time. Voxy provides the very best English web-based instruction. We  have developed our learning platform to use the latest AI personalised learning technology along with a variety of courses in order to meet the needs of each individual learner. Our curriculum and classes are designed by our expert qualified educatiors in the US and Thailand. With 5 million active learners and results backed by international research studies Voxy is proven  to help you boost your English skills effectively and efficiently. 


Example of English courses from VOXY 


● English for Business 

Business communication and negotiation will be easier and more effective. If you use English professionally at work or if this is necessary for your career progression, this course will prepare you for any business situation!


● English for Digital Marketing

 English is necessary in the world of online marketing. In this digital era providing the message you wish to give through effective English marketing is essential, This course is created in partnership with General Assembly to meet the needs of any marketeer! 


● English for Flight Attendants 

For those who dream of being a flight attendant or those who are working as cabin crew. English skills are a must to communicate with passengers and create the best flying experience for everyone. 


● English for Oil & Gas 

We have an English course specifically designed for those who are in oil, gas or other fuel related industries. 


● English for Healthcare 

For anyone who works in the healthcare-related field, We have the right course for you. This course is designed to prepare you to communicate about medical conditions, interact with doctors and patients and use medical terminology . 


● English for Tourism & Hospitality 

For those who work in the tourism or travel industry, English is the key to communication skills to make your guest’s trip perfect. In this course we also include first-aid knowledge and things to know when communicating in an urgent situation.. 


● English for Test Prep 

We also have accredited courses for English test preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC) or other language tests.

VOXY courses are designed to serve all kinds of learning needs. If you want to learn English and you are looking for an award-winning and proven way to improve your English skills, Rabbit Finance suggests VOXY to be part of your English learning journey helping you achieve success!


Who should study English with VOXY? 


● Anyone For those who want to improve their second-language communication skills in order to reach their goals of being fluent in English


● Educational institutes For any schools or universities who need personalised English opportunities for their students or wishes to increase the range of courses available to students, Voxy provides an award-winning web based platform accessible via mobile/tablet application or website. VOXY helps teacher provide customised learning opportunities to meet the individual needs of each of their students. Voxy provides curriculum-aligned courses, which can be adjusted to the curriculums of each institution. 


● Organizations In a company or an organization, English proficiency is always essential! If any companies aim to develop their employees’ potential through a flexible and proven career-specific English online course, VOXY is ready to provide the solution to meet your needs. Voxy is Thailand’s leading digital English development solution and no matter how many people require training VOXY can provide you with proven ROI. 

Learn English with VOXY by registering via Rabbit Finance now! You will get free trial access to the user-friendly platform. Go ahead and test your level and try Voxy’s self-study and live instruction for yourself! We are sure you will see how Voxy can help you achieve your goals!

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