Why trade with SBI Thai Online?

Trading Stocks with no minimum Investment!

Trading Stocks with no minimum Investment!

  • Commission Rate at only 0.075%*
  • No minimum trading Requirements*
    *For Cash Balance Accounts
Fast Trading

Fast Trading

  • Real-time money transfer via Website
  • Streaming app provided for Trading 
Daily Trading Recommendations

Daily Trading Recommendations

  • Daily Publication of Stock Market Reports 

3 Steps to open your Account

1. Open your Account online

1. Open your Account online

Complete and submit the Application Form online. Afterward, we will send you a verification Email. 

2. After receiving your Email

2. After receiving your Email

Fill in the Application Form and visit SBITO office for Identity Verification. 
Required Documents:

  • Original Passport/ ID
  • Bank Book
  • Application Form
3. Verify Identity

3. Verify Identity

After the Approval of your Account, SBITO will send your username and password for log-in via Email.

SBITO Who we are

SBITO Who we are

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ประทับใจกับ Rabbit Finance มาก เพราะพนักงานให้บริการอย่างนอบน้อมและเป็นกันเอง แถมได้รับข้อมูลครบถ้วน คิดไม่ผิดเลยจริงๆ


คุณกร, ปทุมธานี

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Save your time and compare
both Loan and Cash Card Offers at the same time.

Ask for Information and get free Consultation Services
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Personal Loan is a type of loan that will be approved by a financial institution such as a bank or a creditor. They will release the Loan in form of a Cash Card, Credit Card or Cash Loan. Applicable for everyone with a fixed income. 


  • Office Worker


  • Government Official


  • State Enterprise Employee



          How to apply for a Personal Loan?


The borrower must use their own name to apply for a loan and need to use the cash for investments, education fees, living expenses or in case of an emergency only. 


Usually, the financial institution will approve a loan maximum 5 times within the amount of the salary of the borrower. No guarantor required.


           Required Documents:

    For Employees

  • Payslip (monthly income must be at least 15,000 baht) 


  • A bank account with a salary transfer in every month (last 3 months)


  • A copy of ID card


        For Business Owner


  • A copy of a bank account with regular money circulation within the business for the past 6 months.


  • A Copy of business license provided by the government


  • A copy of a bank account


  • A copy of ID card.


          Criteria for Approval


In order to have your loan approved by a bank or financial institution they must consider the following: 


  • Salary or Monthly Income


  • Borrower Work Position


  • The Capability to pay the Debt


  • Credit Bureau


If the borrower qualifies for all the criteria, the bank or financial institution will approve a Personal Loan and will transfer the money into the borrower's account.


A Personal Loan will be approved very quickly in most cases, but the downside is a higher interest rate compared to other types of Loans. 



           Why is the Interest Rate for a Personal Loan higher?


The main reason is that a Personal Loan does not require a guarantor, therefore the financial institution or bank needs to carry more risk of not being repaid. 


           Personal Loan and Interest


A bank or financial institution will calculate interest based on a limit of a loan in step form. The maximum interest rate is 28% and the installment period is 5 years max.


Some bank may calculate the interest rate base on the borrower’s occupation and monthly income.


          Personal Loan vs. Illegal Loan


If you’re in need of fast cash or emergency cash we suggest that you get a personal loan from a bank, financial institution or a broker that is certified. Even if a personal loan has a higher interest compared to other kinds of loans, the approval process is legal and you will be much safer and do not have to worry about very high interest rates and illegal loan sharks that can harm you mentally and physically.


If you apply for a personal loan with Rabbit Finance today, you will receive a special offer with the interest rate starting at 15.99% per year.


We understand how important your time is, therefore we designed an approval process which is fast and easy. We have all the information that you need to use to apply for Citi Personal Loan.


You will be notified within 1 day if the Loan is granted or not. Then you will have 60 months of installment period to be able to spend your money freely.


          How to get the Service


You just need to fill out information for a personal loan at https://rabbitfinance.com then our team will get back to you asking for other documents and information and then you can wait for an approval.  That’s it.


If you have any concerns or any problems our online specialists are ready to help answer your question because we are the best online broker that is willing to help and take the best care of you.



          We care about Information Privacy 


If you are applying for a personal loan with Rabbit Finance you can be sure that we will give you the best service and the best loan plan. 


Rabbit Finance is a certified broker verified by the office of insurance commission, you will be surely in good hands. 


          Rabbit Finance

Rabbit Finance has a policy of not revealing any information of a client to third parties at all cost and we use a certified security system to protect your personal information.


If you want to get some additional information you can read our glossary about finance related topics. This will help you to refresh your current knowledge about finance and give you more insights. 


We have a lot of editorials for you to read like what to do when you get blacklisted? , how to use your credit card wisely? and many more articles. So don’t hesitate and get started!



           Required documents


  • Payslip

Payslip (the income must at least 15,000 baht), if you are a business owner you must provide a copy of a bank account with regular money circulation within the business for the past 6 months.


  • Bank Account

A bank account with salary transfer in every month for at least 3 months.


  • A copy of ID card


  • Copy of Business License


A copy of business license given by a government agency. (For business owner only)


          Who can apply for a Personal Loan?


  • A person 20-60 years old, has been working in the recent workplace for at least 3-4 months and has a monthly income of at least 15,000 baht.


  • For business owner that needs a loan must be 30-60 years old, has a business in the country for at least 2 years and has a monthly income no less than 20,000 baht.


All the details and requirements of a loan depend on the terms and conditions of Citicorp Leasing (Thailand) Ltd.


How to calculate the interest and limits of personal loans?


Monthly income (baht) Special rates
20,000-29,999 26-28%
30,000-39,999 24-28%
40,000-49,999 22-26%
50,000-59,999 21-24%
60,000-79,999 19-22%
More than 80,000 18-22%




          Limitations and Interest Rates


  • The maximum limit is 5 times within the amount of the salary of the borrower or no more than 1,000,000 baht.


  • Maximum rate is no more than 15% per year. The interest rate fine, service, and other fees must not be more than 28%


  • Installment period minimum at 12 months and 60 months max.


          The Approval Process


Criteria for loan approval, limit, and interest consideration depend on documents of loan application condition and terms within Citicorp leasing (Thailand) Ltd. only.


The company reserves the right to make changes to limit, interest rate, all fee, condition, the approval process and the document returned without notice. The borrower must acknowledge all the detail of a personal loan beforehand.




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