Personal Accident Insurance

What is personal accident insurance?

What is personal accident insurance?

Policy which provides compensation in the event of several injuries in many causes such as broken bone or electrical injuries. Some plans also cover road accident, natural disaster and murder.

Why personal accident insurance?

Why personal accident insurance?

Low premium price. Pay a little per day, get best coverage more than a million baht. Cover from both minor and serious accidents.



Cover medical costs caused by accidents and its consequential costs, including disability, dismemberment, death or additional coverage


Why Rabbit Finance?

Partners with leading insurance providers

Partners with leading insurance providers

We work together with the leading personal accident insurance providers
Trusted OIC Broker

Trusted OIC Broker

We are a registered brokerage with life and non-life license that is part of the BTS Group
Rabbit Finance benefits

Rabbit Finance benefits

Receive exclusive insurance deals only offered to Rabbit Finance customers

A personal accident is an accident caused by yourself or by third parties. Personal accidents are a part of live and can happen to anyone and at any time. Everyone have had an accident and everyone will have small or bigger accidents in the future. Because of this a personal accident insurance is one of the most reasonable insurances.


This insurance type is mostly an annual police which offers insurance coverage for the consequences of accidents caused by violent and external events. Depending on the personal accident insurance contract does it provide compensation for example for injuries, disability and death. In case of an accident you can make a claim to receive money for medical treatment costs and other contractual determined expenses during your recovery process. The basic covers of the insurance providers are often different. However it is often possible to buy add-on’s to make the coverage more comprehensive.

Disability coverage


If an injury caused by an accident prevent you from working for a short or a long time period the personal insurance will support you. The insurance will provide you money while you are not able to work to remain financial carefree. Even when you have no chance do work you will receive money to pay your necessary expenses.


Accidental death


An accidental death coverage is included in all of our personal accident insurances. If you should die caused by an accident the insurance would pay your beneficiaries money to prevent them from financial problems with the resulting costs of your dead. A reason could be for example salary loss and funeral expenses.


Motorcycle accident


With a personal accident insurance you can fell saver on your motorcycle. This type of insurance also covers your medical expenses caused by a traffic accident. Depending on the conditions of your insurance contract is the coverage amount separated from the general accident coverage.


Medical expenses


If you need medical treatment after an accident you can benefit from a coverage amount. Depending on the personal accident insurance conditions can you seleced in a very wide range for medical expenses. 


Optinal Benefits


In addition to the general baic coverage are sometimes for example a dentist or a extra cash relief insurance included in the personal accident coverage. If it is not included in your choosen coverage type, you have the opportunity to purchase it as a Add-on. In all personal accident insurances is it possible to customize your insurance coverage for your needs.

About AXA Insurance


The AXA PPP international is part of the global insurance company AXA group. It is one of the most sucessful and experienced insurance company in the world with more than 107 million customers. The AXA PPP international Group itself has 40 years of experience with covering people all over the world.


In addition AXA PPP international won a lot of international awards for their service and insurance quality during the last years. In 2016 Fund and Product honored AXA International with the award for the best international health insurance provider in 2016.



Axa’s Personal Accident Insurance products



AXA personal accident insurance plans are flexible and customizable. In every plan you are able to decide between an A, B and C coverage plans which cover different treatments. Therefore you can choose exclusively the necessary coverage options for your needs.


 For the application process is in general no medical check-up needed. AXA personal accident insurance insures everyone up to an age of 70 years. In this age range you can choose between five different options for children, families, business people, seniors and others.


Moreover you can benefit from a huge nationwide hospital network of AXA insurance. You can pay with personal AXA Hospicare Card in more than 200 medical facilities in Thailand.


AXA Smart PA Kids


This personal accident insurance is addressed to children not older than 17 years. The total insured amount can be up to 500.000 THB.


AXA Smart PA Good Life


Decide for this personal accident insurance if you are between 18 and 65 years old. The maximum coverage amount is up to 1.000.000 THB.


AXA Smart PA Family


Insure your whole Family with this personal accident insurance. In the same insurance plan you can cover your partner and you if you are between 18 and 65 years old. Furthermore you can add your children if they are not older than 18. The total insured sum can be up to one million THB.


AXA Smart PA Senior


In higher ages the risk of personal accident is increasing. With AXA’s retirement coverage you can feel save and secured, whatever you want to do. The senior solution is addressed to people of an age between 66 and 70 years. Depending on the condition of the chosen plan, can you be insured for up to one million THB.


AXA Smart PA Ultimate


The last personal accident insurance plan of AXA Thailand is by far the most comprehensive one. It is made for clients between 18 and 65 years who are business people in working age. Because of high risks during work, caused by unexpected situations, do we offer adjusted insurance plans with very high coverage amounts.


About AIG Insurance


AIG Thailand started the operation business in Thailand in 1938 under the name American International Group. The first priority of the company is to give the clients a secured and worry-free feeling with every insurance. The AIG insurance group is one of the leading insurers worldwide and owns high financial resources. You can be sure that AIG can arise for every covered accident without discussions. An average of 75 million dollar is spent for claims every day.

Moreover the development of new flexible and leading insurance solutions is one of the main goals for successful future-orientated insurance companies. That’s why AIG insurance will adapt the coverage extent to new innovations. That assured only the best treatment for every customer.



AIG Personal Accident insurances



AIG offers personal accident insurances for all types of persons who are between 20 and 60 years old.



  • Accidental death and dismemberment – 1.000.000 THB
  • Permanent total disability – 1.000.000 THB
  • Murder and assault – 500.000 THB
  • Motorcycle accident – 500.000 THB
  • Accidental medical reimbursement – 100.000 THB


If you cover a child with this type of plan, the coverage amount would be 25 % of the coverage amounts for adults.



  • The personal accident insurance of AIG covers all your personal accident worldwide.
  • It is not necessary to execute a medical check-up before the insurance application
  • Receive a discount for your personal accident insurance if you cover your spouse or/and your child in the same insurance contract

About Muang Thai Insurance


Muang Thai insurance is the leading non-life insurance Thailand’s. The key features for this success are a strong sense for responsibility, transparency, good corporate governance and attention to changings in the society. The excellent insurance service have developed high trustworthiness and reputation from their clients. Muang Thai leasing is in a continuous development process to improve and digitalize their insurance products to become an insurance provider of tomorrow.


Moreover does Muang Thai Insurance offer a 24/7 claim service to feel comfortable and save in every situation.



Muang Thai personal accident insurance products



Muang Thai Personal Accident HAPPY Kids


Let Muang Thai insurance cover your kids in case of a personal accident. If your kids are between 0 and 15 Muang Thai Insurance provides 3 coverage plans with up to 500.000 THb coverage for every budget.


Muang Thai Personal Accident Your HAPPY


Receive a comprehensive coverage amount of up to 2.000.000 for applicants between 16 and 65 years. Benefit from worldwide coverage including a daily income compensation and no advanced payment in hundreds of partner hospitals.


Muang Thai Insurance Personal Accident HAPPY Family


Cover the most important persons in your life with Muang Thai’s family personal accident insurance package. With this insurance offer you are able to cover you and your spouse plus up to 2 children who are younger than 20 years. Everyone in your family will have the same benefits as in the normal personal accident Your HAPPY offer.



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