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Online application

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Wide selection

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Excellent customer service

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Comparison service

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Phone consultant call

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Choose the right offer

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rabbit finance provide an easy to use and fast to apply personal loan comparison services, from Cash card, Credit card to Personal loans. Here at rabbit finance, we provide for you.

  1. Fill an amount of money for your designated loan
  2. Pick the offers from leading brands in Thailand through our comparison services
  3. Wait for the contact from the institute’s expert
  4. Get the approval

Terms & Conditions and other promotions came from leading financial institute offers, fresh and at top of the market awaits you, with only a few clicks could make your loan applying goes way quicker.

Information that were provide are easily comprehended, more subtle and details than approaching each branches or from a promotion leaflet from each banks. Our comparison services allow you to see clearer about what’s best for you, what’s suitable. Your decision will be easier by a few clicks.

Loan comparison services by rabbit finance only pick the best terms and conditions for their customers, including simple and quick applying methods unlike traditional ways which is a complicated matters. We turning the financial transaction complication into something fast and easy, because our comparison services including

  • Offers for cash card and personal loans
  • Terms and conditions for each loans
  • Terms and conditions for interest rates
  • Transaction fee for each loans
  • Promotion and privileges from rabbit finance

Besides, we provides more information that could help fasten the processes. From conditions about paying by installment, various documents to Interests type we have a specialist you could guide and provide you the best solution for particular loans.

Loan amount of 50,000 THB, 15% Free flow interest rates with 13% transaction fees from maximum amount and 24 month length for paying by installment of 2,744 THB/Months

How to calculate your interests

Loan remain amount * interest rates * days in each installment

(50,000 x 15% x 31 )/ 365 = 636.99

How to calculate your transaction fees each installment

Loan remain amount * transaction fee rate * days in each installment / 365

(50,000 x 13% x 31 )/ 365 = 552.05

Whether you applying for credit cards, cash card or personal loans with rabbit finance, you don’t have to worry about your personal information, because your data is a secrecy with us. We intend to provide the best insurance and financial products online, with a vision to become a first choices for Thai consumer. Therefore, we are doing everything we could to provide only the best.

rabbit finance is a subsidiary of BTS Group, one of the biggest organization in Thailand. We made an alliance with leading financial brands such as bankers and insurance companies, with great relationship in the market, we are able to provide the best offers that would drop your jaws. We have a legitimate license for both non-life and life insurance. We use Omise security system, an international standard quality which make us receive an Electronic security standard quality from Comodo.

We also provide you with online assistance that allow you to ask any questions, consult for free which are quick and simple with free of charges. If you looking for an answers about insurance or financial product, feel free to ask our experts who are a specialist in each related field. rabbit finance also giveaway a special gifts and privileges for our customers.

Are you have any interest in credit card, investment, loans or various type of insurance such as car insurance, life insurance or travel insurance but have no information source to study? Rabbit finance have an edutainment section for everyone to read and learn by themselves called “Glossary”. We provide a definition and meaning for a technical terms, investment knowledge including information about each car brands for car insurance and insurers information.

We also have an article blog which present financial news, tips and knowledge with a more easy to comprehend information, full of information and fun to read. Our blog consist with many categories (Automotive, Lifestyle, Health, Travel, Financial and Housing) and sub-categories about tips and life advices.

This is the reasons rabbit finance is not only an ordinary online brokerage. It is a personal assistance that provides you more than a product offers, fills with information and knowledge to answer your curiosity. We make you feel like a VIP. This is the reason why we proudly present rabbit finance as the best financial and insurance brokerage website in Thailand. Apply today and receive gifts and benefits right away!

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