5 benefits pet insurance will give you

Cover accident and illness cost

Cover accident and illness cost

Cover when losing loses up to 1,000 THB
Cover when injuring by accident up to 20,000 THB/time
Cover when being generally sick up to 30,000 THB/year

Cover wounded people cost

Cover wounded people cost

Cover third party for bodily injury, death and property damage from pet up to 10,000 THB

Advertise of lost pet tracking

Advertise of lost pet tracking

Cover cost for advertising announcement of lost pet tracking up to 10,000 THB

Get additional disease cost

Get additional disease cost

Cover medical cost when having diseases caused by leptospirosis, flea, leprosy or dermatitis up to 10,000 THB

Pay for pet funeral cost

Pay for pet funeral cost

Receive actual cost of pet funeral up to 3,000 THB

Pet insurance coverage


Applying process for pet insurance

Online lead form

Online lead form

Click the apply button and fill in the needed personal information.
Consulting call

Consulting call

Receive a consulting call from our insurance experts.
Cchoose your plan

Cchoose your plan

Choose and buy the insurance from your favorite provider.
Receive your insurance

Receive your insurance

Be carefree with everything that happens to your pet.

Human and pet have been living simultaneously since the beginning of time. Nowadays pets have become more than just a pet but a part of our family. Sometimes our pet comes from an unsanitary pet store that does not provide the best care. So after adoption, most of them are not well-being and have to be vaccinated and get a lot of treatment which sometimes is more expensive than our own medical bills.


Insurance company understands the importance of medical expense that goes to your beloved pet. That’s why insurance company come up with insurance package, made especially for the pet owner and their cherished pet. Cat and dog are most popular for households pet, so, there is a lot of special packages to help reduce the cost of medical treatment for them. For instant

  • Medical expenses
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • The expenses that occur when your pet is missing.
  • Indemnity for property damage to a third party.


Some people think it’s unnecessary, but with pet insurance, it’s guaranteed that your pet will get the best care and benefit when and unfortunate even occurred.

          The disease most occur with cat

Cancer is one of the disease that commonly found in cat and other felines as well as human. It’s caused by Feline leukemia virus infection which can be contagious. There are 2 symptoms that can happen.

  • The immune system starting to cause various abnormalities and complication which leads to chronical anemia.
  • Tumors spreading though abdominal cavity and Lymph node

Feline leukemia virus can be spread through the fecal-oral route or during pregnancy. The male cat has more chance to get infected because of its “out-going” behavior. Cat cancer can be treat by getting antibiotic and chemotherapy in the case of tumors.


          The disease most occur with dog

Canine Parvo virus (CPV) is highly contagious and lethal. Most cases of CPV infections are caused by a genetic alteration of the original canine parvovirus: the canine parvovirus type 2b. There are a variety of risk factors that can increase a dog's susceptibility to the disease, but mainly, parvovirus is spread either by direct contact with an infected dog or indirectly, by the fecal-oral route.


There is evidence that the virus can live up to a year in any environment. It is resistant to most cleaning products, or even to weather changes. There’s still no solution to cure the disease, so it’s best to get your dog protected vaccine.

Microchip is a small electronic device in a covered glass used in medical treatment. Within this microchip is a serial number from the factory, which cannot be changed and can be shown only by the microchip reader. The microchip is not harm and will safe your pet in any way.


The sterile identification microchip is injected into the back. It can last forever and will not cause any damage to the body. This microchip can be injected into a small animal like a mouse or a fish to a larger animal like an elephant.


With this identification microchip, you can track every movement of your pet at all time and it will prevent your pet from doing missing and can be used for another purpose as well. The pros of this microchip are, it takes less than a minute to install and it’s less harmful compared to other tracking methods. You can get this microchip at Animal Identification System center or for more information contact rabbit finance.


The most important thing you need to know about this identification microchip is the code. There are 15 digits on the device. The first 3 digits are the code to identified country or the company that owns the microchip (Thailand is 764). Each country uses a different code but the system is still not completed and as for now the first 3 digits is the code of the company that registers with ICAR, the organization that distributes the serial number for each microchip. For Thailand, the code is 933.XXXXXXXXXXXX

            1. Prepare the document for application.

  • Application form for pet insurance (information of the owner)
  • Copy of the pet’s medical certificate.
  • Copies of Pedigree form/ vaccination certificate/pet identity book (if any)
  • Evidence of identification microchip installation (if any)
  • Copy of the owner identification card

            2. Health check

  • Bring the pet’s medical certificate form to the vets
  • External examination only no x-ray or blood test required. Then bring back medical's certificate with the vet’s signature.
  • Take a picture of your pet full front side, left and right side, under the belly, marks or distinctive feature.

            3. Sent the documents back to the insurance company

Scan all the document and sent to insurance company e-mail or mail.


            4. Payment of insurance

  • Check the status of an approval request.
  • Start the payment after the insurance is approved.  
  • After payment, the policy will be sent to the resisted address.

Because we understand how important your pet is to you as a part of your family. Pet insurance is easy to apply and have all the benefit that you’ll need to care for your beloved pet. So contact us Rabbit finance, the best online insurance brokers in Thailand for more information.

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