1. Privacy Policy
    Rabbit finance, a trading mark under the ownership of Rabbit Internet Co. Ltd., and a distribution channel for insurance and financial products, is following strict security procedures when storing, transmitting and disclosing your information. This means that we will ask for a proof of your identity and acceptance before we disclose any details about you on our website.

    In order to get your free quote by our instant search engine we need to collect and process some basic car details and personal information about you. Additionally, it may be necessary to forward and match this data with a number of third-party providers, being insurance companies and/or insurance brokers. This process is necessary to provide a free quote for your motor insurance. Any personal information collected by us will be held and processed under strictest confidence. Moreover, the data collected is used only for providing you the requested service, namely providing you a free, instant quote for your car insurance.

    Telephone calls that you make to our customer services help line may be monitored and/or recorded. This will help us to train our staff and improve our service to you.

    We will periodically review your personal information to ensure that we do not keep it for longer than is permitted by law.
  2. Making Transactions via Rabbit Finance’s website
    1. The company might be working with an insurance company, insurance broker and/or insurance agent (would be referred to “any insurers” or “insurers”) in Thailand and from other countries. This would provide specific information on products, prices and other information about those insurers for the company to compare the prices. This action is to show you the price differences between those insurers.
    2. You might not find some products from some companies since we do not guarantee to compare prices between all companies that running both in Thailand and other countries. There may be some companies that did not connect with our company. This would disable us from collecting their data for our service that comparing prices between companies.
    3. After you input required personal information regarding our privacy policies and other related information, the website would provide a price comparison between products you have selected. Our website then would show a selection of insurers, each with a price, and a “select” button for every product showed. If you click “select” on one of the insurers, you would proceed to personal and other required information register page. After register, you would proceed to pay the insurance premium according to the time and procedures that the company has set.
    4. We might not receive the proof of your payment by both parties’ uncontrollable factors. For example, there might be a mistake(s) on mechanisms, software, computers, malfunctioning of mobile or electronic devices and other service providers’ failure or ignorance. This is to inform you that the company could not take any responsibilities from a loss that you might have taken from connecting or accessing our website, both direct and indirect, or from any failed attempts to receive an electronic signal, whether the causes. 
    5. We might store your credit card information or other financial data that you provided after any payments. This is only for when the company would refund to you. By using the mean that you chose to pay for the products you have bought, we can refund you this way.
  3. Using Personal Data and Privacy

    1. Using our website means that you accept that the personal data you provided will be used in this Terms and Conditions. This follows the company measures for keeping and disclosing your personal information or/and the company’s information.
    2. We cannot provide the services if customer do not provide the data.
    3. Rabbit Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. respects your privacy. The data that you provide will be used for this website’s services as your requests. Also, the data will be added our database to always be up to date. And they will be used to provide you advice on our products and services from us or our alliances that you might be interested in only. Moreover, in some cases, these data might be used to consider your application form, this policy will not affect the other data that you have already provided.
    4. Details about personal data that you provide might be shared between Rabbit Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.’s subsidiaries. By using this website indicates that you agree to this information sharing. And by providing the company your phone number or any other devices contact information means that you allow the company to contact you via those means. Except from these following people or organizations, we will not reveal any of your data to any other outsider, but only with your consent. These are people or organizations that we might have to provide your data on our website to for legal or other reasons:
      • Other companies from Rabbit Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. group.
      • Partner companies
      • Significant Shareholders
      • Regulatory authority
      • Auditors
      • Third-party service providers
      • Rabbit Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. Agents
      • References that you provide to the company

        Your information is significant for developing forms and presenting the company’s services and other related products. This will benefit customers including you. We want to confirm to you that we will keep your personal data with highest security standards. Moreover, we will apply your data only with minimum required amount. This enable us to investigate and improve the quality of our future services. Also, this will help us announce our products and services news including activities to customers. However, you are still responsible for keeping your own username and password a secret. The data will be stored as long as there are needs to use those data as in objectives mentioned. After that, the data will be deleted. But there are exceptions when there are needs to save those data as mention in the law and order or accounting standards or to protect the company’s rights. The data will be saved until a data owner request to terminate or delete them from system.
  4. Tracking Tools
    The Company may use these tracking tools: 

    • Google Tag Manager
    • Google Analytics
    • Hotjar
    • Matomo
    • Zendesk
    • Facebook Pixel Analytics
    • Facebook Ad Manager
    • Google Cloud

      Cookies might be utilized to show information designed for your needs. Cookies are subcomponents of data that the website will send to the browser. Later, Cookies will stay in your hard disk. In a future visit, this will enable the company to appropriately present content that you are interested in. However, you could configure your browser to alert when you receive Cookies. Cookies usage will not involve with your personal data while you are surfing the company’s website.
  5. The rights of the data owner
    1. Withdraw their consent at any time. However, this doesn’t affect the collection, use or disclosure of the personal data that has already been consented to.
    2. Request access to or make a copy of their own personal data that is under the responsibility of the personal data controller
    3. Oppose the collection, use or disclosure of their own personal data at any time.
    4. Request that the data controller delete or destroy the personal data, make their personal data anonymous or make it impossible for other people to identify the data owner when keeping the data is no longer necessary for the agreed purpose, or when the data owner withdraws their consent.
    5. Request that the data controller suspend the use of their personal data.
    6. Request the data controller to perform any action to make sure that the personal data is accurate, up-to-date, complete and not misleading
    7. Make a complaint if the data controller, the personal data processor, its employee or contractor violates or doesn’t comply with the PDPA

      Whenever the data owner exercises any of the rights stated above, the data controller shall act upon and complete the data owner’s request within a period specified by law. Any delay or failure may give rise to adverse consequences. Data Owners can contact Data Controller if they have any requests above via the Contact Information of data controller Tel: 02-022-1222 email: insurance@rabbit.co.th
  6. Your Responsibilities
    You shall take any responsibility for these followings:

    1. Please use our website for personal and commercial purposes only.
    2. You shall guarantee the validity of your personal information if you create a user account on our website, or you input your data for any other purposes.
    3. You shall always update your personal information.
    4. You are responsible for your account’s secrecy (username and password), and you will not share any details of your account to another person.
    5. Please do not use our website for illegal purposes.
    6. Please follow our technology measures in our website, and you shall not avoid, evade, delete, rewrite, decipher or take any other action to disable or damage our installed safety measures.
    7. Please do not use any software, tools or any other devices that could interfere with the website or the correct flow of the website.
    8. Please be responsible for your own decision to choose or confirm the benefits, qualities or availability of the products or services in our website. You should ask the experts for advice before deciding on doing anything if needed.
  7. Updating Your Personal Data
    You can update your information anytime by login with your account on the website of Rabbit Internet Co., Ltd. We assure you that your stored information shall be protected in our database with highest security. We shall protect and preserve your information with these measures: restricting the extension that one can access personal information, maintaining technical devices to always be effective for defending any acts of hacking into the system and disposing personal information immediately after that information is not necessary anymore. Rabbit Internet Co., Ltd. deploys 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol for encrypting financial data on the internet which is the highest standard in this field.
  8. Contact Us
    If you are not satisfied with these Privacy Policy, or believe that we don’t manage your personal information carefully enough, or want give us your suggestions, please contact us as follows:

    Rabbit Internet Company Limited (Head Office), 1032/1-5,
    Krits building 2nd floor, Rama 4 Rd, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
    Tax number: 0105556053111 
    Phone: 02-022-1222
    Email: insurance@rabbit.co.th

    Rabbit Insurance Broker Company Limited (Head Office), 1032/1-5, Krits building 2nd floor, Rama 4 Rd, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
    Tax number: 0105557055010
    Phone: 02-022-1222
    Email: insurance@rabbit.co.th

    Ask Direct Group Company Limited (Head Office), 1032/1-5, Krits building 2nd floor, Rama 4 Rd, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
    Tax number: 0105557101615
    Phone: 02-022-1222
    Email: insurance@rabbit.co.th