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Lexus NX 300h, Type 2+


The staff were very friendly and responsive. The policy arrived within a few weeks. It was extremely fast and super cheap compared to other brokers.


7,799 ฿ Save 623 ฿

Actual amount 7,175 ฿

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Lexus ES 300h, Type 1


Very convenient. Saved me a lot of time and money. The price is better than anywhere else on the internet.


21,824 ฿ Save 1,745 ฿

Actual amount 20,078 ฿

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Thong Chai

Lexus CT 200h, Type 3+


It doesn't matter if I use my car in connection with work or family, due to Rabbit Finance I am fully covered on every trip. It is a nice feeling to not worry about anything!



6,500 ฿ Save 520 ฿

Actual amount 5,980 ฿

Latest car insurance news from rabbit finance

Car insurance has many types of coverage and they all have different premium and price depends on the policy. Car insurance can be divided into 2 main types.


          1. Compulsory Motor Insurance

Compulsory Motor Insurance is an insurance by law that every registered car must have. Every car must register with the department of transport and if negligence will be considered illegal. This type of insurance will cover only the medical fee in case of an injury.


          2. Voluntary Motor Insurance

Voluntary Motor Insurance is an insurance that driver can choose according to preferences. It can be divided into 5 types.


First class insurance gives the most coverage. Its cover life and bodily injury of a driver and third-party involved/third-party assets damage/insuranced car damage/Loss or fire accident damage of an insuranced car. It has better offer and standard comparing to other type of insurance  but it’s also has a higher price. The maximum price is approximately 30,000 baht.


Second class insurance will cover life and bodily injury of a driver and third-party involved/third-party assets damage/insuranced car damage.


  • Second class insurance plus

Second class insurance plus is similar to first class insurance but lower price. It covers pretty much the same as second class insurance but adds the cover of insuranced car damage in the case that can identify the other parties and loss or fire accident damage of an insuranced car.


Third class insurance will cover only the damage that happens to the other parties. Its cover life and bodily injury of a third-party involved and a passenger in the car/ third-party assets damage.


Third class insurance plus is similar to second class insurance but with lower price and will cover within the coverage limit. Good fit for the car that has a lower risk.


Other than coverage, car insurance also has endorsement policy that will allow you to change or make additional conditions for your policy. The insurance company will write a consent document for you to keep. It’s a great deal but the premium will also be higher.


We need to know all the different about car insurance policy to compare them and find the best policy that’s most suit our need.

When you own a car, travel around is much easier and less hazard but still, an accident can happen anytime. Whether the accident is big or small it can damage your car or worst, your life. Insurance is a good choice to prevent all the risk and protect all your assets and life.


          About car insurance

For beginner driver that’s interesting in knowing more about car insurance, the first thing you need to know is the type of car insurance. Car insurance has 2 type, first is compulsory motor insurance that is an insurance by law that every registered car must have. This type of insurance will cover only the medical fee in case of an accident.


The second type is voluntary motor insurance which is an additional coverage and offer that will protect your life and assets that has more benefit than the first type. This type of insurance has many prices and offer, starting from first class insurance to third class insurance which can be helpful to all the driver that wants to take the best care of yourself and your car.


Voluntary motor insurance can cover the damage of your car, yourself including the other party’s damage as well, the more interest you pay the more coverage you will get but it doesn’t mean the quality will drop. To apply for an insurance you must consider all the factor and then decide what is the most suit your need or for an easier approach lets rabbit Finance help you find the best deal for car insurance.


Car insurance cannot make all the risk disappear or guarantee your safety but it will help you when an unfortunate event happens. This kind of insurance will help with the cost of medical fee and maybe car repairing fee as well. Don’t forget to drive with care.

rabbit finance is the best online insurance broker in town. We not just compare all the insurance premium for you but we also offer many special benefit and discount when you but an insurance with us. You will get a discount premium at 4,325 baht/year, special gift forms out Partner Company like car camera or a gift certificates for 500 baht of gas and much more.


          Comfortable and safety

And for anyone that concern about information privacy, we promise to keep all your information safe at all cost with Omise which is the best-standardized security system that can protect all your personal information. rabbit finance also has an online specialist that can help answer all your question at all time.

Why are we so confident? Because buying car insurance with rabbit finance will assure you with the best deal of insurance with the top insurance company for the best price available. You can be sure that our offer will be much cheaper with better value than any other online broker.


          Most products you need and many gifts

Because we are an online financial transactions site that covers many services so we can offer a better deal that is most suit your need. We also have many other business partners not just insurance company like bank, gas station, online store and other sponsor.

We’re glad to give you all the best gift to all of our best customers. You will get the best benefit in every area if you choose to trust us rabbit finance for your insurance purchase.

          Another insurance companies

has more than 30 insurance company whether it Viriyah insurance, Safety insurance, Bangkok insurance including other international company that starting to provide services in Thailand. With this many options, you must compare them to find what policy is best for you.


Each insurance company has different policy and many special offers. They have lots of promotion that will make you want to buy an insurance with them. But deciding which one to choose is a hard task. You need to compare a lot of factors to make a decision and each company will have different pros and cons which make the decision even harder.


Some company has a better premium discount, some have more special offer and some will give you more coverage that will be more suitable for your car. An online broker like us, rabbit finance will help ease your mind and make it easier to choose because we have all the information that you need to know.


          rabbit finance can help you

rabbit finance offers an online insurance price comparison service for every driver and other customer that interested to buy an insurance. Rabbit finance can help you compare the price of more than 30 insurance company. Usually, if you wanted to know the price of any insurance you must contact each and every insurance company which can take forever but with rabbit finance data and comparison process you will have all the information within a minute. Rabbit finance offers a more convenient and efficient ways for you to find the best insurance that’s perfect for you.

Car insurance is much easier to understand than health or life insurance because cars are less complicated than the human body so to understand all the word about car insurance is easier too. But there's still a lot of complication that can make you confuse and bored that you don’t want to deal with it anymore.


          Safety and right understanding

If you have a glossary that’s all about car insurance that you can learn and help you to understand about insurance a lot better wouldn’t it be nice? You can use it to buy better suitable insurance for you and protect yourself from a bad offer. Call it “car insurance 101” that will prepare you for insurance application in the future.


Some people might not interest to buy an insurance so they think they don’t need to know. But you never know what will happen. Someday you or your family might own a car and needed to buy an insurance so, planning for your life and asset management in the future might be a good idea.


          Glossary by rabbit finance

rabbit finance car glossary presents you with all the vocabulary including basic knowledge that you need to know about car insurance. Whether you’re a client or just passing by, you can read them and learn about insurance policy, a different type of insurance, useful gadgets you should have and many other.


The glossary is like a dictionary about car insurance. It will help you to understand better. We use alphabetical order so it will be easy to use and the langue is so simple, straight to the point so you will be able to understand it really quickly.


If you're still confused about car insurance or wanted to know more information rabbit finance can provide you the service of the online financial transaction and insurance consulting to help you find the best insurance for you. You can contact our insurance specialist online 24/7.


* If you find the cheaper price, sent us our competitor quotation and we'll make it cheaper for you.


**For more AXA roadside service details, please follow this link  

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